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"Characteristics of Fargle Narkle BS", 2

Author: Rex Gold
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Words: 1144
Class/Type: Misc /Misc
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"Characteristics of Fargle Narkle BS", 2



You people are not my co-workers.
You are co-slaves who remain
a suitable reason for my caffeinated mornings.
I want to be clear on that.
Okay. Who the hell took my pens?
I'm about to have a CoNnipshun.

Opening wines with their phones
All the luxury they desire.
All the plastic.
They had injected into their asses
All the plastic holding fast food.
All the eyeballs deceived
Gazing into the amber at night y'know
Socialism killing innovation.
You got Russian Cream this time...
Oh shit. Put it out, managers back

Who dares take life serious
when just about everything is a lie!?
"Me! Me! Meee!" Sheldon shouted.

That's right buddy;
All Fruit Loops taste the same.
Don't pay attention to these..
Who show people their daily lives
while stressing over bills in private.
Struggling to fit in illusions.
Dressing nicer, talking differently
depending on who's around hmmm?
When was the last time
you saw a damn Wal-Mart selfie?


Look at him.
He looks like he just shredded false skin.
I don't know if this guy slipped on a banana peel
and landed into a flower box, or what.
Wearing a Covid bandana to wrap his ass with.. tf-
I'm telling you man.
I be in here on the internet for at least three hours.
Jenny don't be knowing shit.
I'm just happy she doesn't micromanage.
Look. Check out this chick on Tik Tok bro.

The rapist sons crave a peach
The granddaughters seek lube
All offended by radical Islam
Far away from a white woman's safety.
But you didn't hear this from me.
The one at work who speaks Blackanese.

Geniuses but not billionaires.
Today's billionaires, not geniuses
You are smoking a dick if you think
they worked hard for all their money.

Thomas raised up in disbelief.
"Kanye is a genius and a billionaire.
So you're wrong my guy."

And look how many times he got skull
fucked to get where he is today.
I work eight hours a day;
So I should sympathize with a celeb?
No. Fuck them. They made their beds.

"But you have to own stuff to be happy."
That's a scam.
And it's so blatantly obvious.
Oh and you're just gonna accept
what New Science proves? Yes.
Becomes Don't-have-to-explain-myself
while doing terribly crappy things.

If I were told that I need the jab
to continue my work
as marketing consultant; I'd totally opt out.
Y'know. Needles have,
bothered me since Chicken Pox.
Give me a break here Rob..
I just don't understand all the excitement.
The anticipation people have for Sanofi GSK.
They might as well just roll around on skates,
dressed like Terry from Reno 911.

Oh, let me gain his trust
to take advantage of him. Yea, wtf--
Half the people using GoFundMe
probably have entitlement problems.
But it won't stop them from sizing you up.
How in the fuck..
Does one "expect" a donation¿
Sons of bitches would find a way
to not pay for guacamole, swearing
they only dipped one chip.

"Will you calm down.
It's not like he's rich."

Yeah well. If this finesse works for him.
He might as well be rich.
Hello. Is this not the fraud era of America?

Carol went on to elaborate:
"Due to all my savings and investments.
I was able to shower myself
with the Economic Relief money."

"Bitch. It's people out here who can't receive
unemployment and you buying another pair of shoes.
Damn this country stay on som' bullshit. And you!
Stop playing with the copy machine.
Let me address this one mo' gain."

Alright. Fine. I'll tell you why I'm mad.
He's spends about seven hours a day
on that hoverboard, and you know what?
He's needs to fall off that thing man.

"See. You're what's wrong with this place."

Timothy is nolonger with us.
He's terminated.

"What? You can't fire Tim.
He's the reason this whole
department thrives year round.
This is fucking up my day now."

Yeah? Well get the fuck over yourself.
Your prick buddy here stole the company's
credit card and just lied to me ten minutes ago
like I was born last night.
Human Resources is cleaning house.

"What a dickwad..
He's just extra pissed because his wife
is getting boinked by a substantial body
builder. With his old ass.
Das fucked up tho.
Tim's a trill whyte nigga lowkey."


What? She followed us to work?
Fuck kinda stalking thots
you messing with man?

"Tell me you love me!
Randy! I'm not leaving
this parking lot until you say it!"

Man you got these hoes coming up
to the job on that Jerry Springer energy.
Damn. Now she on the hood of your car.
Nah. But f'real.
How many of these Mexicans
have you dickmatized?
I'm just asking for research purposes.

"Get out of the car.
Go tell Paul I'm running late."

Okay. Um. Is it possible
if we could just do a tag team thing
with the sombreros, cuz you know-


Alright. That's the fire under my ass.
Hopefully she's not into that cartel shit

"Lena! Calm down baby.
You're overreacting. Loco si way."

Well... It uhh.
Looks like you meet all the qualifications.
I'll just send a fax over to Michelle.
Mr. Humphreys.

"Yes Sir?"

You're hired.

Welcome aboard.

You like golf?
What about Jordan?
Fan of the Bulls era?

(Damn this guy has a huge nose.
Wait til I tell my wife about this fuck shit.)

"Absolutely. I was just telling my brother in-
law about Jack Nicklaus the other day.
Happy to be here Sir. I'd also like to say...."


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