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"When Legends Ball ft. Amazonians", 202

Author: Rex Gold
Elite Ratio:    8 - 335 /148 /238
Words: 1344
Class/Type: Lyrics /Passion
Total Views: 809
Average Vote:    No vote yet.
Bytes: 6957


Written by: D. Ellis, J. Gregory, S. Rashad
Produced by M. Torsney
Courtesy of CGI, IRL, LimeSaga All Rights Reserved.

"When Legends Ball ft. Amazonians", 202


"Mike. I know this is a celebratory
time for your team. The best yet to come;
Can you elaborate on Brooklyn
clinching the East right now?

We understand that the Academy
will stand with Brooklyn.
Whatever the styles being employed
somebody should have enjoyed that.
The way people play out here nowadays
causes divisions that shake up canal ways.
Lot of paragraphs broken up look the same.
Thought I'd let my guys have fresh inputs.
Why not. They're all monetized.
They've worked their butts off to shine.
And we'll be ready in two weeks.

"Thanks Mike."


(It's on me?)

Brady Singer the way
I throw turbulence in
Special Thank You
to mom and dad
for all the work that they did
Parental Advisory tag
This status isn't Kids Bop
Toast up with my squad
Like we defeated another Papa Doc
We use to be wannabes
Now for the Light we live
Special Thank You to you hater
Rap dominating the way words spin
My defenders are good
but I cause problems
Winners win from thick and thin
They don't succeed from twisted grins
I think you got it wrong potna
If you ever dare call this a blood sport
I can bury you, excavate then kill again
The Digital Age is booming
I think you need thicker skin
Perhaps be more therapeutic
See if the gatekeepers let you back in
Better catch up on your Emerson
let him get you back on track then
When Legends Ball
Versatility too real with not a lie spent
Poet this Poet that
Boy you better check the fine print
'n get out my face with that shit
It isn't Walt Whitman doesn't make it fake
Only the old souls step into this place
I'm busy. Get the camera outta my face.
See I fucking go hard in one take


(I told'em be the heroes of their own shit
Let me glide for a minute)

I'm not a Brooklyn poet
But it's still respect to them tho
It's been the craziest set of downs
Look at us light up this endzone
Worked so hard couldn't tell you
what regular people have been owned
Walk amongst crowd control
Pondering the reflection of a soul
Through a glass Cristos
Real disciples hide in plain sight
then creep up after sitting close
I said let the Wagner play and Waltz in
Banded up still studying what a cost is
I'm an army knife to your bagel self
So watch where you walk slim
As you record what your own loss is
I'm something like a source
to how a moth lives
Dominate an artform no apology
since Rap met Venus to father me
Symbol placement graced with geometry
Only ran in the stands to embrace
those that are proud of me
Because success didn't do a windfall
Until I released the Nigga up outta me
Liking my onions and weed funky
As The All knows all that is inside of me
The kill switch includes lion teeth
in case competition came for the life of me
Remember pies met Bill Gates for icing lips
When Legends Ball & When Legends Tall
Haters cannot stand the sight of it
Which giveth the game an exciting twist


(Oh. I'm closing. Okay, got it
So much for my reading voice)

First off, last to blast
Rest In Power to Gianna and Kobe
Let me push my defender back
Like the past hairline of Ginobli
From falling off of the bars while little
To standing firm all grown up Shinobi
Coach said you're the one and only
I now expect you to breathe like it
A difference maker meets refinement
Earned my stripes in the arena
Under lights, where we change climates
Judges and gatekeepers right behind us
Ball but never let them see you tired
If you land in pages then walk above fire
From spot up shooter to front line up
But sharp like prison yard wire
Bar lords play tennis with the stars
Since every single birth chart is hard
When Legends Ball newcomers starve
Be aware of that when you're trying to spar
Devotion takes you very far
I criss crossed just to double twist forms
Once buried a double disc worth of raw
and was just in time for training laws
Show up as if all rivals have been warned
My team got me, so I have many arms
knowing I bring cracked lightning to a storm
All opps do is double team the circuit
and still fall into my palm
Cross over so relentlessly sick
It makes me look like I'm in the wrong
Noobs must live in a gym to become tall
I take no sleep at film study
Looking for loopholes in them all
Nothing fair during any style war
So I remastered an apparatus during Fall
A starseed before I could crawl
Leading a cold top five dusk til dawn
This is what it's like When Legends Ball
May the blessings continue fall
My greatness proceeds, and that is all

"If he can just get a great overture here.
He'll seal the deal for his team.
Can he. Can-

They got it!
Oets STRIKE again!

And that, there ladies and gents
is exactly why you don't call him come back

A replay going here..
And Ernie he's so use to it.
All these turns and tricks
is just too spontaneous.
It's like it's him and then everybody else.
Another surprising turn around.
For the Oets. They are scary this year."


SummerShootout 5

1986ers v. 1989ers 2021


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