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"I'MM LIT (Ye)", 2022

Author: Rex Gold
Elite Ratio:    8 - 335 /148 /238
Words: 1546
Class/Type: Deep Thought /Political
Total Views: 104
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Bytes: 7827


"I'MM LIT (Ye)", 2022

Reader discretion is strongly advised.

("I wantch'all to RUN UP ON ME.
I wantcha'all to come Kill me.
I want you to Smack me.
I want you to do all the shit you Rap about.
Hold on, no-no.
All this shit you Rap about.
I want you to come do it now.


Or otherwise Shut The Fuck Up!
Unless you was there when The Kardashians
kidnapped my kids.. Understand?
Now gon get y'all some Muthafuckin' Business,
while we gon' 'n get free.")
- Ye

Creative control wars on everywhere.
They hate it when you turn up
whereas they never ever play fair
They come with the money
until we use a loophole and take it there
Looking to milk us until we die
If they get the work they could
profit from sells by repair
Like we suppose to fight
for a magazine feature
and not be aware of the game

("I put my life on this, at this point.
Cuz they been fucking with me too long
They put the crazy narrative out there.")
- Ye

Find plugs to the raw truth then rock it up
When they say it's Smoke, then we popping up
We'll create these new spaces
as the push back isn't really stopping us
Jabbing is defense of the profit bust
But they're against the ropes
when we expose the barriers bottled up

("Where is a Black guy that has
a Jewish person signed to him?
Point it out. Tell me that.

Where is a Black person that's signed
to a Jewish person?

All of'em. Basically ninety uh
percent of them. So what I'm sayin' is:
Y'all poked the bear too many times.
Y'all shoulda learned with Drake.
Y'all shoulda learned with Puff.
Y'all shoulda learned with Hov.
Y'all dealing with A Different
Kind Of Animal, Here.")
- Ye

Calling us disrespectful, bizarre
Threats to the Western canon
Screaming who they'll make a star
So now all these intelligent artists
have to strive like we all share the same scar.
While drivel is on tour tomorrow.
But stars get fucked by the fireplace

("I'm not afraid.
I'm not afraid of y'all no more.
And we don't have to be afraid.
I understand that they got us so paid off,
every which way, they cuttin' out.
My whole point just off the Tweet
What does that even mean what I said?
The fact that I got taken off
just proves my point.
Jamie Lee Curtis went on TV and said:
'I hope they take his children away from him.'
'I hope they take his children away from him.'

Everybody, they put out xxx, Tupac..
My response was, I guess I'm next then.")

- Ye

Like I shouldn't be proud of myself set
The first Oet. The Dynamic portfolio.
I said we were up against the internet.
I said there was a decline of literacy
I said the work must not bore anybody
The same people who were with me
five years ago during battles of the posses
Became enemies because of Social Media,
because of money and publishing houses.
Which made me rebuild my team up
Without Reedsy, Without AWAI,
Like, I'm still gonna glow up.
With trap doors when the thieves show up

("I had four SOFI Stadium shows.
They canceled my shows.") - Ye

("First of all. I need my four stadiums back.
Seventy eight media outlets;
That called me Abuser.
When I was trying to get my kids
from that heroine addict
That was tattooing my kids names on him.
Skeet Pete Davidson.
It poppin' up. Y'know what I'm sayin?
It's like they uh, Trevor Noah,,,
Not even from America--
He just look Black. Right?
Uhhh gonna say,
'Yo, Kim it's gonna get dangerous.'

So now they puttin' all that-
He crazy. He So OJ.") - Ye

It was Mindy McHorse
who gave me a key.
Not one poet from the gram
ready to get a deal could see
the glass prison, choosing to be a sham.
Now you see a different Rickey Laurentiis
Now you see why the rebels
got the mission of going in relentless
And I'm not talking apps of Poetry
where the noobs don't know the business.
People moving behind people's backs
Taking shit that they didn't say
so they could get some racks.
Then blow up from less than fifty words
for every drop that come out that year.
Safiya is still dear. Terrance Hayes is still here.
And I'll find a way to lion and fox
But it's different when you know Basquiat
One comes from Rap's real facts
Never on your knees for a boss key box
There's a reason to represent that

("The Devil is a defeated foe.
You can't poison me- Oh and by the way.
Y'all dun' already fucked with me so much;
Y'all already black mirrored me.
Y'all already made everybody think I'm crazy
You already took my family away.
You already separated all my friends..")

- Ye

My Squad looking at me as though
what I say goes now.
No turncoat, no disputes, no money down,
no MFA's, no one dimensional clowns
They know how it gets down.
Officials owning the black voice
shouldn't even be an ignored mystery
My squad got another victory
When they started trying
to make Amanda into Maya Angelou 2.0
That's how deep this war go.
Which is another division
amongst the brightest of us
for you misinformed that don't know.
So now she gotta stand
and water herself down
with a Black Barbie doll smile
like the strings move around.
Now you feel some type of way
because real truthers of the medium
are in the thickest shell piles.
Nine times out of ten my real opps
don't even press as hard
as the officials looking to diminish us.

("They Block Me Out.
The Jewish Media Block Me Out
This shit Lit right? I'm Lit right?
- Ye

. I'MM LIT .

Submitted on 2022-10-19 19:10:45     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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