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"Cancelled”, 2022

Author: Rex Gold
Elite Ratio:    8 - 335 /148 /238
Words: 758
Class/Type: Lyrics /Serious
Total Views: 98
Average Vote:    No vote yet.
Bytes: 5008


"Cancelled”, 2022


(ICYTWAT Type Shit)

("What we canceling out here?")

(Ain't No Muthafuckas Shot At Us)

Cancel whoever stole my designs
Cancel these animal cruelty filmers
Cancel these catfish women with filters
Why don't you cancel a lying local pastor
and replace him with a healer
Why don't you cancel the rapists
getting less years than drug dealers
Why everytime I put reality in your face
y'all get in ya extra ass feelings?
Cancel your over giving
Takers don't always have limits
Can't cancel a wolf
it doesn't perform in a circus
with a cuddled poodle just bitchin'
Hold on I'm not fucking finished
Cancel that Call of Duty BS
and restore Link into Zelda
How y'all cancel dead malls
that can't be homeless shelters?
Cancel this senile ass president
with no intentions to help us
Atheists trying to cancel God
looking crazy when a storm shows up
Cancel that Fentanyl making zombies
Don't trip on my weed rolled up
As you think I walk with my nose up
Cancel these birth chart clockers
that don't really know us
Cancel these lies that despise the truth
How society treats men of abuse
How they treat women of abuse
Cancel the Ignorance in each color
and all the evil mixed in
Cancel this fake chicken glitched in
and a Royal family proceeding
Take all that unsold food
give it to the fuckin' needy
Riley Smack the fuck out you
How you gon' cancel Huey Freeman?
Ain't no canceling Ye Season
Saying I should be ashamed
Like a naked liberal out here screaming
I guess they ate the honey bun
Saying I'm cleverly shunned
when God just cleared all of my guns
Never cancel Nepal, spiritual web spun
Try to cancel my melanin
witness my layer that turns off love
like my mind stays well rounded
Cancel all them Vegas bets
and reconsider that newborn
that ain't came out yet
Cancel all these fake birds
when I go outside and step
Cancel my contract
after I stashed all of my paper
Cancel all these Tik Tok girls
and value more first graders

(ICYTWAT Type Shit)

(Ain't no Muthafuckas shot at us)

Cancel culture got small hats
out here looking childish
We can keep it Spiritual
or get out of pocket
How y'all wanna go bout it?
Cancel all your fake friends
steady looking for paper
Don't play with me lady
Go play with your light sabers
Cancel these Hollywood plants
and every punk ass that made'em
Boi I'll smack the shit out of when I see
so much energy after I came up
Cancel these misogynists and misandrists
deadbeats that won't woman or man up
the fair weather supporters ya stand with
Only God can cancel my strength
They say Fuck God like a confused witch
How they cancel an ocean
But give a religion more focus?
Everybody got som' to say
I be damn if you cancel my turn
Cancel that weak ass alarm sound
change it to the clapping that you deserve
Cancel the dumbest society ever
Like a candle lit date just got curved
They keep canceling trees
So much for progress in this world
Cancel these perverts in public
in stores looking at little girls
Cancel me? Further you'll get
is writing a referral
Cancel ya response that bores me
World leaders can't even defeat anxiety
but want to plan World War III
Cancel their Great Reset ass smiles

Yea.. Turnt Up.. Griselda Style

(Ain't No Muthafuckas Shot At Us)

("Don't tell me what dafuq to do EVERRR
In you life BOIII
None of y'all, Hollywood Plant Ass Niggahz
TELL none of us what we do
This our culture now. It's Up!
You can't cancel none of us! It's Up Boi!
And alluhy'all scared niggahz
Das' runnin' round doing what these
Hollywood niggas tellin' you to do--
Fuck y'all man. IT'S UP.
Y'all either iz about our culture.
That we grew up about.
Or you about yaself--
Selfish scared ass House Niggas.

So they canceling what?")

(ICYTWAT Type Shit)

Submitted on 2022-10-31 22:56:52     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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