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GE Speech

Author: runedot
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-UPDATE- I no longer need comments for this, so you don't need to give any, you can still read it though... -UPDATE-

This is the draft speech I wrote, that I need to deliever in front of a video camera at school in less than a weeks time...
It's theme is on GE, and its purpose is to persuade you into thinking GE is good.
I live in New Zealand, and, as stated above, it will be delievered at school, so there will be some references to that.
I'm looking for these things in the comments:
Can you understand what I'm going on about?
Is it too fast paced? Or maybe too slow?
What can I put in? What can I take out?
Are you persuaded? Why?
And other General Advice.
Thank you all in advance.

GE Speech

Issues, issues, issues; we humans have so many issues, we should just stick an atomic warhead into the core of the Earth, and destroy all of human Civilization, as we know it! That would get rid of those pesky issues!
But, of course, this does pose a critical problem; the human-race would have been obliterated, and, as most of you can clearly see, that, is a no-no.
So, we must all learn to live with all these issues; one such issue, is genetic engineering.
Genetic engineering is a controversial issue, here in New Zealand, as well as in the rest of the world; it is ethically challenged by many, and also considered immoral; but, were one to think upon it, one would realise that GE, is not really all that different from all the other scientific research we humans have partaken in during our history.
Genetic engineering is a good thing.
It can be used for medical purposes, find cures for currently incurable diseases, save many many lives, and also could result in abundant food supplies, leading to the demise of World Hunger.
Many other sciences humans have delved into, have had their bad sides: gunpowder, steel, atomics; what makes GE different? We’ve been able to live with all those other inventions, why can’t we live with GE?
Humans have always altered their environment to suit them, and GE is nothing more than an extension of what Breeders have been doing for thousands of years, yea, indeed even Nature itself participates in GE through evolution and natural selection.
And finally, it is human nature to research, to discover new things, learning is a vital part of mankind, it is for that very same reason we all are here at school, is it not? To learn.
Genetic engineering is a good thing.
By continuing research into GE, we may be able to develop amazing new weapons against the bad things that plague the human-race, new medicines to cure all those pesky diseases that halt the progress of mankind; generate vast amounts of cheap and tasty food, to eliminate the process of us having to consume our hard-earned money, and our precious time, trying to procure food; and perhaps even lead to us humans, living forever, age no longer being a barrier that makes us falter in our lives.
Genetic engineering is a good thing.
Research that could have been potentially harmful is not a new thing, alas, most research we have delved into have resulted in misuse; the wheel, the trusty wheel, invented to allow efficient movement, modified to be used for War Chariots, Mobile Missile Launchers, and what not; steel, cold hard steel, invented to be used to provide tough materials, but used as well for weapons, swords, guns, bullets; aye, even atomics, invented by Einstein to be used to provide boundless amounts of energy, was twisted by humans to create Weapons of Mass Destruction.
It’s not very fair to single out GE from all those things, now is it?
We have all been able to adjust to new inventions, put up with all those nasty things the scum of the earth have come up with, why not with genetic engineering? It is after all, a minor thing, no?
Genetic engineering is a good thing.
Mankind has always altered the environment, guided the forces of nature to fit our needs, you can see it all around you, human settlements, cities, schools, farms; all places that were pristine environmental locales, modified and made into specialised areas upon which we humans do things on; GE is just another step in altering the environment to suit our needs.
Breeders have been doing something akin to GE for thousands of years, by using the genetically superior livestock to breed, in order to gain the best cattle, making two separate species to interbreed and form a new breed; here in New Zealand we have done it, with sheep, many of our sheep stock were bred by sticking two breeds of sheep together; humans even bred together horses and donkeys to create mules, and from it has there been ecological disasters? Catastrophic consequences? Heck no!
Even Mother Nature herself participates in an act very similar to GE, through evolution and natural selection; she is engineering the genes of the various species of this world, to create, under most circumstances, superior species.
Genetic engineering is a good thing.
It is a vital part of human nature, to learn, to discover; in those ancient times, people have wandered the unknown labyrinths of this world, yea, even unto the places clearly marked on the primitive maps, as ‘here be monsters,’ even the famous Captain Cook was an explorer; if people never explored, many parts of the world would be uninhabited by humans, yea, even New Zealand.
Why are we here? ‘Tis to learn, to study, that’s the reason schools exist, no? And to state, here, in a place of learning, that to continue study and research into a science is unethical, not right, and morally adverse; ‘twould be insanity.
Genetic engineering is a good thing.
It will bring upon this world a Golden Age, an end to suffering, to war, even perhaps, to death itself.
Eternally we will be able to savour the wonders of this world, and during that perpetuity, will you thank me for converting you towards the proper way of thinking.
Genetic engineering is a good thing.

Submitted on 2004-08-15 05:23:52     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  This is a well written speech. The beginning of it is a little... well... harsh. I suppose that could be a good thing because it's sort of your "grabber" Good luck delievering it!
| Posted on 2004-08-15 00:00:00 | by Cai | [ Reply to This ]
  This is good, it doesn't move too slowly or too quickly and I could keep up with what you were saying. I am completley against GE so it didn't persuade me...but I can see your point. I did like you first opening few lines...ideal for getting attention when you want it...probably doesn't help that I agree with them but never mind...I'm just wierd! Well done, a good speech and I wish you all the best in delivering it!
| Posted on 2004-08-27 00:00:00 | by selfbetrayal | [ Reply to This ]

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