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Question of Honor

Author: Ontlogicalamity
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Well, this one is pretty much self explanatory. Sorry I couldn't write it better.. words just haven't come easily lately.

Question of Honor

Last night I watched "The Last Samurai." There was one single running theme: Honor. What IS Honor? What is it? WHAT IS IT? The question burns me, makes me twitch. I have heard a great many explanations. An army General of many years says that honor is "a feeling." The Navy honor code says simply, "do not lie, cheat, or steal." Others would say that you can't pidgeonhole honor, it can only be taught by example. I'll accept that in principle, but what examples then? WAR! Examples of honor are depicted with WAR. The willingness to fight and die for.. for what? The subject seems rather arbitrary. Fighting and dying for something is apparently honorable. It doesn't really matter what it is. Now I have felt the need to exhibit honor, and I feel that I have done so at many times throughout my life, but never in doing harm. To all those who would believe otherwise, know this: There is no honor in war, neither for those who make it, nor for those who fight it.

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  I don't think I agree. When your fighting for an ideal that might be lost with unchecked aggression there can be honor. The congressional medal of honor is awarded to people who totally put themselves on the line so that their compatriots can survive and perhaps succeed in defending our governmentally implied constitutional fortitudes where the individual reigns and the majority rules. I consider these honorable ideals to fight for. Then again what do I know, I'm German, our record speaks for itself. Maybe your correct it's not right to consider war honorable, after all the best killer wins and one almost must be underhanded to be the best killer.

| Posted on 2014-12-11 00:00:00 | by monad | [ Reply to This ]
  To me honor is not in the killing of another in defense of ones family of country. To me it is being true to oneself, to those around you. Putting yourself between harm and the ones you love. An honorable man is a selfless man(or woman), There is no honor left in war. infact I qoute bart simpson "the only good wars were, The american Revolution, World War 2, and the star wars trilogy". They were not good wars in reality but the overall freedom that came after for the opressed parties involved were good things and there were those who fought for those freedoms, they were Men of Honor in my eyes. I consider myself an honorable man, though I have never killed and I have stated I shall never pick up a gun, I state this because those who know me, understand that I would willingy undertake any burdens for those I love, because those I call friend I consider family. And in my eyes there exist nothing more important then family.
| Posted on 2004-11-23 00:00:00 | by Mithrandir | [ Reply to This ]
  Good write. The Random House dictionary has about fourteen definitions of the word honor. I don't think it is "a feeling." Isn't being honorable all about (basically) doing what other people think is "good." I don't know...does that make sense..maybe, it's martyrdom...Anyways, good write.
| Posted on 2004-11-22 00:00:00 | by Abby Sinthetic | [ Reply to This ]
  Ah, Honour. War is the prime example, but most get the idea wrong. Most think it is honourable to fight the "Enemy", to kill for ones country. How wrong. That is murder, nothing less. Government funded and legal murder. I believe Honour is achieved when one demonstrates respect for one on the opposing side of the fence. For example, it is honourable if you and your enemy from another country are facing off, he/she has been wounded beyond the point to continue, and you spare their life. They can do no more to you, and you respect them. Such are the ancient Japanese. To be defeated did not necessarily mean to die, if one was not impaled, but they had been beaten and their adversary had not killed them, they would leave and never return, out of respect. The adversary would not kill, out of respect.

The only problem is they'd commit suicide out of shame
There's my two cents >_>
| Posted on 2004-11-22 00:00:00 | by Spire | [ Reply to This ]
  A very good question. I'd define it as self-sacrifice without want or need for self-gain. I'll have to agree with Munchie_1226. It's a difficult word to describe.
| Posted on 2004-11-22 00:00:00 | by Dark_Dancer | [ Reply to This ]
  I don't know...I think honor is the feeling you get when you can truly be proud of something you have accomplished. It is kind of a confusing word though. Not really confusing just hard to describe. I'm trying to fit on the same page as you. It's kind of working.
| Posted on 2004-11-22 00:00:00 | by Munchie_1226 | [ Reply to This ]

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