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Precious Little One

Author: AmandaLyn
ASL Info:    18/F/ Centralia
Elite Ratio:    3.59 - 292 /292 /42
Words: 105
Class/Type: Poetry /Serious
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I have never had an abortion for myself, but I have at one point, sadly considered it. I am not posting this as to shame someone who has mad that difficult choice, I just have a passion for not killing the precious unborn.

Precious Little One

You had yet to take a breath
when put to death.
Oh precious little on
there were so many things you could have done.

Who were they to silence you
only seeing things form their point of view.
Your precious little life now gone
if only they'd see they're so wrong.

Your mother made a choice
before you had a voice
one she will always regret
because it's hard to forget
when you killed your own child.

Oh precious little life
who will never know this world's strife
you're in heaven with all the others,
who were unwanted by their mothers.

Submitted on 2005-01-12 17:50:30     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  i really like this. it has A LOT of potential to become a song... like maybe something sung at a child's eulogy? i don't know but it's really well written.
| Posted on 2005-01-27 00:00:00 | by Lemmy | [ Reply to This ]
  wow. i am honestly speechless. i too feel the same way about abortions. i mean if you are old enough to have sex then you should be old enough to take on the responsibilites and consequences of that action. it is sad but it does happen many times a day actually. i loved the way that you were able to rhyme about something so true and yet have it sound so un forced. do you get what i mean when i say that? a lot of people try to rhyme but it doesnt work. but it worked for you on this one. good job. I would put this on my favorite list but unfortunately i dont know how to do that. lol...sorry maybe you can tell me and i will put this one on there. again. good job. i loved it a lot. Keep them coming.
| Posted on 2005-01-24 00:00:00 | by PookiezBookie | [ Reply to This ]
  Striking. This poem is a great example of human weakness in spirit. It shows how dark humans can really be in a civilized world. A voice not yet heard is a vivid example of what you potrayed and accomplished in this poem. Irony is what follows Your poem I belive. The Irony in your poem is that the little one had no voice to speak with, but you in this poem gave it a voice. Beautiful Irony.
Medieval Aztec
P.S. If it doesnt trouble you so much Please Look at one of my pieces called "Rachel" Its almost exactly opposite of what you did in you peice. BYE
| Posted on 2005-01-18 00:00:00 | by Medieval Aztec | [ Reply to This ]
  this is really straight on, open and honest. It is extremely sad, and right so, for the subject is horribly disturbing. I think this was really powerful...good work, and a well written poem!
| Posted on 2005-01-13 00:00:00 | by Shawnothan | [ Reply to This ]
  This poem is nice... It may not be as powerful as you would like it to be. Maybe if you wrote about what thoughts went through your mind when you were considering abortion, that may be more powerful. I agree with Krysti, not everything is black and white... and abortion is one of the grayest areas in today's world... It is very unfair to say that women who abort their pregnancy don't want their child. It's very different, as you know, for women because they have to put their lives on hold to care for their children whereas men won't necessarily be looked down upon...
| Posted on 2005-01-12 00:00:00 | by musaXX | [ Reply to This ]
  First the remark about doctor aren't trained to take live, excuse me but its doctors who perform the death sentence.

Sorry Amanda, I just had to set the record straight.

Now, I am not for abortion,but one can't just down mothers who have them,it their bodies,plus you or me or anyone isn't living in their shoes. perfect example is Krysti.

I truly think that it should be such a soulful undertaking and the last possible things one should ever do.

Now, I think Amanda has every right to take her stance.

So I will have to say, this poem is very good and thought provoking.

excellent write
| Posted on 2005-01-12 00:00:00 | by edthepoet | [ Reply to This ]
  Hmm ...Well i guess even me commenting on this will make me seem like the enemy in your eyes...I was raped at 17 and yes i did have an abortion that i dont regret making at all ...Everything isnt always so black and white ...but you know ...i respect your opinion on this ..and its a strong peice..even if i dont agree with it definatly gets your point across
| Posted on 2005-01-12 00:00:00 | by Krysti | [ Reply to This ]
  OKay, umm...on just a critical outlook, it didnt really flow. But I dont think that you cared about it flowing. On a personal level I loved it. I so agree, and I am thankful to hear that you didnt abort the child, you are so right on. Why do they do it. I mean, abortion is murder. The stupid doctors didnt go to school to take lives, they did it to give life, and to heal. I mean, how can one just go out and do that. That is a baby, an actuall human being. I just wish that everyone saw this subject as you and I do. But isnt that America?
| Posted on 2005-01-12 00:00:00 | by poeticvisionary | [ Reply to This ]

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