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Author: wordslinger
Elite Ratio:    6.54 - 234 /97 /31
Words: 326
Class/Type: Rant /Religious
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This deals with Christianity and religion in general. Don't say I didn't warn you. It makes harsh comments that do not favor the aforementioned topics. If you are here just to yell and scream in the comment box about this, the fact that it is a religion-based essay thing, well, you have the right to, and I encourage you to speak your outrage. After all, this is a free country, right? Right? Enjoi.


ALRIGHTY! Welcome class. Today I want to talk about...oh, what shall we talk about...Judgement. Okay, in the Christian religion Jesus Christ is God's attempt to reach man and supposedly if you don't accept Jesus and Salvation then you goto hell. Basically, if you differ in opinion you burn eternally. God probably wasn't a fan of free-speech. But also, the reason we need this salvation is because we are sinners and God's Judgement Filter basically judges us after we die and if we have sinned we burn. Salvation exempts us, and if we never sin in our lives then we don't need salvation. Well, like those Why-Do-You-Think commercials for smoking, I have a question for you, God(Not that I believe he exists...ha, that'd be a hoot.): If you can do anything, why don't you just let us all into heaven without the Judgement? If you love us so much why do you make us have to choose? Just let us in! Also, why did you create us? Companionship? How! You're never around! I've never seen you hangin' out at the Tasty Freeze! And why the afterlife? Why not just make it so we all live forever? It's these little inconsistencies in religions that keep me from joining anyone of them. I'm no atheist and I do have my beliefs, but they match none of the known religions, especially not the hippocritical Christianity. Okay. There, that's my piece. I guess God is just a lazy-ass dictator. I mean, if he really did exist, he'd probably do something about this message here. See that's the thing. It's wierd. Millions of jews die in a holocaust and where's God? He's got his thumb up his ass, that's what. I wish I could bring him into existence for one second to smack him back out of it for all the things he hasn't been here for. That's my piece. Sorry for ranting, but that's just how I see it.

Submitted on 2005-02-07 14:39:48     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  wow this is good. You know you are one of the people I would have loved to have around when I was arguing with over zelous religious people. Though the funny thing is many religions have no hell. I know mine doesn't so it if funny for some one to say "your going to hell" when that person doesn't have one. Any who I liked this.
| Posted on 2005-03-19 00:00:00 | by Kira Goddess | [ Reply to This ]
  hey thanks for the comment, on my poem dont stop now you killing me... you are an out spoken person and unbias comments are hard to come by, although you miss constrused the poems meaning to suicide when it was more bondage but i guess its all good because you werent the only person to think that but then again you were the first person to say something which could have set a tone and preconceive others words for commentary...

alot has been said on the religion thing, i and others could easily defend god from everyone of your statement made. ive defended too much to care anymore and i rather not fight so instead of slaming you thought process and your own point of views, afterall it is a free country and freedom of press and freedom of speech is a glorious thing. espially when person feels the need to rape the system and abuse the privliges and rights that this mighty country gives us... but thats just me and im just the werid one

i do like how you open the piece with WELCOME CLASS, it makes fun of government and church all at the same time with mass produce education of our nations schooling system or public education. not only that it gives the shaft to ultra conservitve right wing cronies of the church which re just as annoying as democrates the introduction sets a comdey satire mood to the whole piece, great job on that and you made some excellent points as well, only thing now, i would tone it down with the feeling the need to cause as much controversy as you seem to do, heh heh heh rule of thumb bodies, sex, and religion makes for great controsersy...
| Posted on 2005-02-09 00:00:00 | by one who rages | [ Reply to This ]
  Ehh personally, I don't give a darn. But, whatever. Never even read it all the way. Just got the basic idea... Yeah, I have different beliefs than you but I'm sure someone.. somewhere.. at sometime believes the same?
| Posted on 2005-02-07 00:00:00 | by Das_Ein_Sinender | [ Reply to This ]
  Jordan this is pathetic. You are pathetic. I don't even know how the hell to bash it because your being so judgemental in this it's just hypocritical for you to be writing about it! You should support more of your insults instead of just accusing "God" of all this [censored] when you don't even believe in him. I mean, you might as well be talking to yourself, considering your talking to someone you don't think exists. Whats the point of ranting about it?

I think maybe you need to put more perspective into this. Maybe that's what made it so... one-sided? I don't really know what the word is for it. Although, I really like your idea about how you want to bring him in to existence just to slap him out again. That was neat and original, unlike the rest of this piece that was basically the classic athiest rant. With a touch of originality. I also liked how it really seemed like this just came from your mind to your fingertips, mind to fingertips, just a nice free-write. This is obviously something you feel strongly about and love to debate about.

Expand it and you'll get a better comment from me atleast.

By the way, I'm his sister, don't think I'm just being harsh.

| Posted on 2005-02-07 00:00:00 | by Quiet Clamor | [ Reply to This ]
  Well I cant say I agree, but I'll put some of my opinion into this.

I'm christian/catholic whatever. I was baptized and since then havent gone to church. I believe there is a God but I practice my own religion my way. I dont believe in all the Christian rules. I'm a pretty good judge of character and no matter how many times I read the history books I always seem to think that like most ORALLY told tales some of the facts of God/Jesus became diluted over the time. Priests or whatever they were in the Middle Ages seemed to believe they controlled the world as they knew it. Such power can...dilute other aspects of a person and change their opinion.

Basically, overall I agree PARTIALLY with you, but not completley.

Nice topic, once again.

| Posted on 2005-02-07 00:00:00 | by Superman | [ Reply to This ]
  A lot of people get bitter about this subject. I enjoy the sarcasm and the detched nature at the beginning. I used to feel the same way you did. While I don't really agree now, i still enjoy your opinion on it. Maybe one day you'll look at the concept of Christianity from a purely analytical standpoint and not with a chip on your shoulder. Although not always, it sometimes makes a difference. Oh, and god was there for the jews in the Holocaust. What you seem to not realize is that to an immortal being, the tendrils of mortality mean nothing. He looks at our spiritual form, not the physical shell that we as humans see eachother as.
| Posted on 2005-02-17 00:00:00 | by Raistlin Sith | [ Reply to This ]
  Although, you seem to attribute a lot of things to a person that isn't even there. Are you sure you're an athiest, or are you just unsatisfied with the things you were taught?
| Posted on 2005-02-17 00:00:00 | by Raistlin Sith | [ Reply to This ]

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