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Chocolate Kissess (R)

Author: Brownsdelight
Elite Ratio:    4.43 - 1251 /1055 /115
Words: 211
Class/Type: Poetry /Passion
Total Views: 2016
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Bytes: 1318


I was reading my orginal version of this piece and we'll I just had to tweak it a lil bit I think this reads a tad bit better....hope y'all enjoy.

Chocolate Kissess (R)

Chocolate kisses I taste on my lips.
Sucking and kissing your fingertips.
I'll start at your toes, and then work my way up.
Once when I get started you'll be begging me to stop.
I'll rub. I'll caress. I'll lick where I please.
I'll nibble, I'll taste...Can you handle the tease?
I'll explore your whole body. Make it tingle and twitch.
The only thought on your mind, 'This is one bad ass bitch'
I'll run my nails slowing down your chest to your thighs
your mind will be whirling from my sexual high.
I'll rub my breasts lightly on your face.
My inner thighs so creamy, you'll be pleading for a taste.
The want for me is so bad. I can see it in your eyes.
As I slowly slip your hardness in-between my thighs.
The warmth of my breath you feel on your ear.
With the rocking of my hips all your doubts disappear.
I'll ride you so hard and suck on your lips.
Your cock will be wondering how it ever lived with out this.
The orgasm you'll have, never before felt.
The tightening of my thighs, making your body melt.
Call out my name and beg me for more.
Just be prepared for what is in store...

Submitted on 2005-03-25 09:09:38     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  this is what I've been looking for on this site...something that is real enough to be dangerous and interesting to read. Truth in those minute's inside lust, that's a slice of the good life.
| Posted on 2006-01-07 00:00:00 | by basement gypsy | [ Reply to This ]
  Wow, I think I need a cigarette. This was explosive to say the least, you write what most of us are scared to write (well at least I am) it's that feeling you get when you are intimate with right partner and nothing seems taboo. I may be on the wrong track but that is what I got from this piece. Definately one for the favourites.

| Posted on 2005-11-04 00:00:00 | by babytinkerbelle | [ Reply to This ]
  I must concur, you do have a way with eroticism. *fans herself furiously* I like to write passionate things, but I just don't have the cahonies that you do to write all the wirty dords...aka/dirty words. Maybe if I keep reading from you, one of these days I'll make you proud with an explicit sex fest of a piece. You're such a great teacher..hehe.

This kicked booty. In all it's many ways. I loved it. Now I'll just have to go and take it out on my lil' texas school teacher. Though I'm sure he won't mind. LOL.

*hugs a plenty*
| Posted on 2005-09-09 00:00:00 | by SouthrnQT | [ Reply to This ]
  Holy sh*t! Another pair of shorts! one of the ones you just gave me as a matter of fact! :)
I'd be calling out your name if I knew it; Brownsdelight just doesn't lend itself that kind of lust!

Honey no one does erotic like you do. It really is an art (which I'm sure you have perfected on many levels) Your rhyme meter all lend the flowing intesity in your write - really excellent!

| Posted on 2005-08-04 00:00:00 | by SHRINKSDR | [ Reply to This ]
  Dag girl.. that was da bomb .. lol i liked that.. it was all freaky an nasty lol.. lili knows imma unda cover freak lol so you kno lol but anyways it was good!
| Posted on 2005-05-20 00:00:00 | by AnointedPoetess | [ Reply to This ]
  Holy Sh** - I think you pushed too hard, man this one sweeps into a mad heart pounding time to take a cold shower relationship. Ummm thank you
| Posted on 2005-05-04 00:00:00 | by childs | [ Reply to This ] don't need to post about me anymore, what's done is done and I'm glad you liked it. I remember that night like I remember yestarday...I don't...good poem though it was all hot and bothered.
| Posted on 2005-03-31 00:00:00 | by JD_Heckle | [ Reply to This ]
  Damn Girl you got me all hard just reading & thinking about it. estoy pensardo es si teners un novio? Anyways very good work I loved this peace so much.
| Posted on 2005-03-31 00:00:00 | by Lil_Santo | [ Reply to This ]
  Girl this rock big time . . or shall i say that what you and your "honey" are up to really seems to rock. Theres a line in particular that i liked:
"I'll ride you so hard and suck on your lips.
Your cock will be wondering how it ever lived with out this."
I found the following piece a bit out of place though: "making your body melt.".
Regardless - it's quite a hot poem.
PLZ PLZ PLZ check out my poem "Themba: Just Lay Back"
Hope 2read more
Miss N . . .
| Posted on 2005-03-29 00:00:00 | by AfricanPrincess | [ Reply to This ]
  Ain't you just a whore! LMFAO

I know why you changed had a different sexual experience and it made you change the poem. Uh huh! You nasty little thang you! Trying to get more men lining up! I know your tricks! You ain't foolin me! You nymph! LOL

This is hot though! Bet you won't print this one out, frame it, and hang it on the wall.

Well...knowing you...yes you will! LOL

Great write girl!

Li Li
| Posted on 2005-03-28 00:00:00 | by Munchie_1226 | [ Reply to This ]
  oh it does read better...

(Looking down at some responses!)

see thats is the way with good poets...they leave you begging for more...he he he he...

i honestly think that you have the best erotic poetry on this site, full of so much explicit imagery that i have to look around when i read it to make sure no one is peeking over my

loved the rewrite T!
| Posted on 2005-03-25 00:00:00 | by stolie77 | [ Reply to This ]
  How disappointing; ONLY one orgasm, and such a good effort, maybe the firmness was not really reaching into the depths of your wet creamy needyness? I believe a little more 'nibbling and tasting' might have finished me, before the final meltdown. Good oral sex is sometimes better than all the rocking a pair of hips might ever cum to grips with!
Just a thought, I bigger picture might help out with any relieving your readers might need, if they 'feel so inclined'.
| Posted on 2005-03-25 00:00:00 | by Clayton | [ Reply to This ]
  wow...well it was really visual...i pictured me and my boyfriend and now i want to go do it...sounds like fun. i liked this although ill have to say that it made me blush...shhh...dont tell nobody. neways-different from the usual so it makes it unique. good work.
| Posted on 2005-03-25 00:00:00 | by sweet-fire | [ Reply to This ]
  Oh, definite good read!!!! Best (R) one I have read. I love the way it's explained, it sounds so fun! Bet you're having the time of your life with this one!! Haha! But I have to say, that was a good read, and it kept me interested the whole way through!
| Posted on 2005-03-25 00:00:00 | by Chicool2 | [ Reply to This ]
  Hey, you really know how to get people to read these, don't you? I see I'm not the only lusty person around... i enjoyed the imagery, and one thing I like a lot about your writing is woman having the power, woman being in command of it. you know, leading... or may be I'm getting things the wrong way... my favorite part:

I'll explore your whole body. Make it tingle and twitch.
The only thought on your mind, 'This is one bad ass [censored]'

and also:

Call out my name and beg me for more.
Just be prepared for what is in store...

I just love the overall teasing of the poem, seems like she IS having fun... lucky her!
| Posted on 2005-03-25 00:00:00 | by A_xx | [ Reply to This ]
  dammit. i'm supposed to be in class in 7 minutes and there's no way in hell i can even stand up from my desk right now without my coworkers wondering if mr. brunson had a really big piece of chalk in his pocket...

holy hell girly, that was freakin hot. i feel like i just did it for the first time...whew, i think i need a cigarette...
| Posted on 2005-09-12 00:00:00 | by treybur | [ Reply to This ]

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