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What's the problem now?

Author: SmoothePapa
ASL Info:    24/m/FL
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Words: 668
Class/Type: Deep Thought /Love
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What's the problem now?

Here I am in the beginning of something that seems so unmistakably right. I have found someone to hold and talk to. Someone to share joy and laughter with. I have said to her secretly the most powerful words upon this earth; I love you. We've watched moves exchanged kisses, expressed wishes and desires to become one successful body. Everything seems to be going smoothly, trust is beginning to grow. Just close your eyes and picture yourself in this beautiful situation. Where everything seems so right and never wrong. You've found the love of your life, and possibly your future wife. She's beautiful, patient, expressive, affectionate, honest, down to earth, humerous, sensitive, and down right lovable in every conceivable way. This my friends is the perfect woman. Which is every mans dream to have and find. But wait a minute there's one problem, they are extremely hard to find. Which brought me to this theory; for a man to find such a woman he is blessed, and lucky. God truly loves you my brotha if you can find such a rare gem. Really, this is such a big deal. Here's why; since the ushering in of the funky 70's women have changed drasticly. There use to be a time when love was all that mattered not how much money do you make, or how popular you are. Women really loved their companions for who they were and didn't care if that person was not as financially secure as they'd like. But now in our day, and time women are cunning and decietful. Most women now will get with a man because of how much money he makes; and should his money ever runs out she leaves him out to dry. Never loving him for who he was, but only for what he had to offer which our key word(money)inspired. Sad isn't it, but true. Yes, I know you're probably saying, well what about you men. We too are cunning and decietful, but we've always been that way. Only a handful of us men are capable of loving a woman the way she needs to be loved, and the reason women have changed is because of our cheating ways. However, now both sides have fallen into the sex crazed drama. Making a true relationship almost impossible to find, and that's an enourmous problem. A problem worth praying about. Maybe then we could see some changes. There is another important piece that makes this puzzle such a difficult one to solve. Of course you're wondering what is that piece? I'll end the suspense, that piece is sex. Oooohh Sex. That's right my friends sex can end marriages. Sex ends relationships. Sex even ends lives. Why? Because you fools allow it to. You've set sexual pleasure on the highest moutain above love. Causing somewhat of a confusion. Why has great sex been mistaken for great love? Don't you realize without love there is no relationship. Many of you have sex with so many different people when you get married you're all worn out, and sex is no longer so good. The reason sex is no longer good is because you are no longer good you're all worn out. Remember the first time you had sex it was great. But the more you have sex in between a short period of time the more worn your tool becomes. Sex is a special moment to be shared by two people who love each other. Not by two strangers who barely know each other. Which is what's happening today. This is why marriage is no longer special or sacred. This is why relationships are no longer cherished, and this is why sex is just a hobby. No one knows what true love is anymore. Love has been swept aside being replaced by materials and prestige. But as for me I'd prefer love over anything else. Why? Because love can survive anything. Love forgives all short comings, and mainly, because love is in me.

Submitted on 2005-04-19 17:37:40     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  I bit narrow minded and quite naively written i think - but that doesn't measn that i didn't agree with the things u were getting at! The way in which you generalized women is kinda not all that nice (bout the whole money issue) - it's sad that when given the option twn two guys i would choose one who's salary matches mine, reason for that being- love may keep you company in the cold at nite but it's really the blankets that keep you warm (hope your getting what i'm trying to say). . . It's got nothing to do with being swallow but more to do about eliminating one maritial problem= finances.
What i do agree on 100% is the sex issue! It's reaaly whack that one day when you maary your partner he/she gets the left over's of your sexual body.
Well written piece
Keep spreading the love
| Posted on 2005-04-25 00:00:00 | by AfricanPrincess | [ Reply to This ]
  Well I do give you brownie points for keeping it real and not being afraid to express your point of view.

However I did find this piece gave a bit of an air that smelled like "this is the truth and the way of the world and there is no inbetween" Which is not true. You stated that for most people by the time they marry their "tool" is worn. I admire the fact that you are implying that people should hold out for their future spouse...but for you to state that those who don't are worn...well that is just something that made me shake my head.

I'm not saying I hated this, I actually admired it.
It's been a long time since I've had something to say about a piece other then "fix your typos" or "good job"

thank you for allowing my mind to work with this piece...

p.s. you should really put this in paragraph form, it is hard on the eyes like the others have stated. I think you are losing most readers less then half way into this because of that.
| Posted on 2005-04-21 00:00:00 | by Brownsdelight | [ Reply to This ]
  whoa...hard to read...interesting depiction of only complaint is that it's hard to read...i haven't had a boyfriend yet so i can't really say i relate...
| Posted on 2005-04-20 00:00:00 | by Alyra | [ Reply to This ]
  it was a little hard on the eyes.. i had trouble paying attention but thats just me.. overall i think you made your point well.. maybe try to space things out so its easier to read
| Posted on 2005-04-19 00:00:00 | by Hugh Jass | [ Reply to This ]

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