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Dont forget to write

Author: Heartless
Elite Ratio:    2.83 - 2 /6 /4
Words: 185
Class/Type: Random Thoughts /Lostfriend
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Dont forget to write

I’ve never known you to be so strong
It’s usually me always doing wrong
So why have you decided to do what’s right?
Especially right now,
When I need you most.
When you go away
I'll have long and lonely days
Doing what you know is right
I'll be wishing you stayed at home
Don’t forget about me
Don’t forget about the tricks we played on each other,
Don’t forget the times we laughed,
The times we cried...
Remember when no one cared what you had to say?
But I was the only one who listened
Remember when we first met?
I’ve always thought you were awesome to be around
You always picked me up when I was down.
But you wont be here anymore
What am I going to do when you’re gone?
No one knows how hard it’ll be for me when you’re gone
When you’re away
Day by day
Thinking of what it would be like with you home
Laughing untill we cry
Who'll be there to dry me eyes?
I ask of you one thing
Don’t forget to write...

Submitted on 2005-07-12 12:10:31     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  uhmmm this is a common stlye of writing..ur wording i mean..what i usually suggest to writers like you is to reword this piece because itll make the reader want to be involved with the piece rather than guessing how ur whole piece will go before getting to the end of it..poetry writing is not only aboout writing what you feel..or relating to others..its about being creative :)

| Posted on 2005-07-12 00:00:00 | by lolavie | [ Reply to This ]

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