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Conversation with God

Author: Brownsdelight
Elite Ratio:    4.43 - 1251 /1055 /115
Words: 305
Class/Type: Deep Thought /Serious
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lines in italics are meant to be God's side of the conversation.....

okay i'm having problems with the codes...last stanza only the last line should be in italics...

Conversation with God

Father forgive me
My child tell me your needs
Well, you see Lord; I’ve forgotten how to believe
This isn’t like you, you’ve always had faith.
I know Lord but lately that faith’s been misplaced.

Have I not given you all that you need?
Yes Father, yet still I’m consumed by greed.
Lately it seems as though you don’t do enough…
And I’ve felt so alone when my life’s hit a rut.

My child but that simply isn’t true
Each moment of pain I’ve been there for you
I try to reach out, yet you do not take my hand
Instead you withdraw and question my plan.

You asked me for love and I gave you family
You asked for tranquility and I gave faith to believe
I delivered good health upon your request
You asked for a miracle, with two children you are now blessed.

I’ve heard your deepest fears and have tried to lay rest
Even while you disobeyed me and mocked me with jest
I’ve held your hand through each darken trial
Patiently I’ve loved you, even now while you’re in denial.

I’ve sat here and watched this darkness creep into your soul
Though you’ve tried to leave me, I have yet to let go.
I understand your doubts child, know that it is okay.
After all it is my job to herd the lambs that go astray.

Lord how do you do it? How do you love so strong?
How can you still care even after all of my wrongs?
Your patience is unwavering, your faith so true…
Simple, though at times you don’t believe in me, I always believe in you.

Submitted on 2005-07-25 10:33:21     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  This is awesome, A conversation with god. The personal relationship that is shown here through your write. I hope that you truely do have that kind of relationship with him.
I am reminded of a poem that is in one of my journals about a soldier standing in front of god waiting to be judged.

I truely believe that he speaks to us and answers our prayers. We just have to be aware of what the signs are. They answers are sometimes right in front of us.

This is a great write and one that really touched the heart. I usually only fav family writes but this one is special.

Again great write

Respect and Admiration

| Posted on 2005-12-17 00:00:00 | by Wisdom Seeker | [ Reply to This ]
  i luv it. can't believe i haven't commented on this one! you know what it reminds me of? there's this old couple, married like 50 years, and they're drivin into town down a dusty country road in their old pickup, grandpa on his side and grandma on hers. coming the other was is a newer pickup with a young couple in it; the young man driving and his girl beside him wrapped in his arm. the two trucks pass each other and grandma looks over at grandpa..."why don't we sit like that any more", she asks...grandpas smiles and says "i haven't moved"...

i loved what you wrote here, awesome! i have one similar called "I" that i'd like you to read and tell me what you think. they're alot alike and i'd like your input :)
| Posted on 2005-12-01 00:00:00 | by treybur | [ Reply to This ]
  nice, really really nice, beautiful, very inspiring, isn't it so true that if we would just take the time to get quiet and listen more often,we would probably realize we are standing in the shadow of what we've been searching for?

| Posted on 2005-11-16 00:00:00 | by Milo shanley | [ Reply to This ]
  Reading this poem has brought tears my eyes because it made me realize so many things that i just didn't want to realize about myself and my relationship with god. thank for writing this poem, it has touched me deeply. your talent is amazing the way you can spark emotion in someone you don't even know. good work, one of my favorites.
| Posted on 2005-10-13 00:00:00 | by Jac | [ Reply to This ]
  Oh my God! That just touched me so much! I believe that is exactly what God is saying to me...We want so much from him and he gives us so much that we become spoiled. We don't see the blessings in front us. We don't realize that he has feelings too and he wants to be loved. Awesome piece. An instant favorite. By the way, change the italics on the last stanza...

| Posted on 2005-07-29 00:00:00 | by xtremegentleman | [ Reply to This ]
  Woah. This is so powerful and true. I know exactly ow you feel (at least in regards to this piece). I won't say I've lost my faith, but it's definitely not what it's been in the past. I'm glad we have a benevolent creator watching over us that will forgive us when we stray. The end of the poem (where you're talking in itallics) is kind of confusing, but easy enough to pick up on. Overall, this is a truly marvelous piece.
| Posted on 2005-07-29 00:00:00 | by bentnotbroken | [ Reply to This ]
  amazing piece. I'm glad your posted this. I dont have anything bad to say about it. Just that it touched me and made me think. Wondering if I'm doing all the things I should be doing and acting in a way that would make Him proud. That even if I'm not he will forgive me and guide me back on the correct path. Thanks for this wonderful piece.
| Posted on 2005-07-28 00:00:00 | by melancholystar | [ Reply to This ]
  He knows whats in our hearts even before we ask...that is my one greatest comfort. He lets us go through things because we must in order to grow...i would be worried if He let me be, and never had anything to show me...that would mean i was done...

during all this stuff i've been going through lately i had some conversations with Him of my own...and the only answer i got was the only one i needed..."You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now"

He doesnt make mistakes...He make miracles...beautiful piece into your personal relationship...He's got so much in store for you!

i love you girl!

| Posted on 2005-07-26 00:00:00 | by stolie77 | [ Reply to This ]
  Nice, soothing and amazing. Its not always what you want but what you need isnt it? I think you explained that quite well and (DAMN IT! a mosquito just bit me...I didnt ask for that...) anyway, I think you explained it quite well and this was such an uplifting write...perfect.

Have a good one and keep smilin'
| Posted on 2005-07-25 00:00:00 | by hyproglo | [ Reply to This ]
  damn that was good. that is how i always imagine God. as a benevolent being that is always thinking positively and looking out for his "sheep". i like the whole thing, but the last stanza stood out the most in my opinion. the last line really got 2 me and it closed the poem well.
| Posted on 2005-07-25 00:00:00 | by unknown soldier | [ Reply to This ]
  This was beautifully written, wouln't change a thing the message is universal and appealing.

In this you both ask and answer your own questions. Though I don't know him well, it seems to me you scripted him very well. Shows that deep down you know the score.
Great write! :)

| Posted on 2005-07-25 00:00:00 | by SHRINKSDR | [ Reply to This ]
  Wow I really enjoyed this Piece Nice Grammer no real mistakes at all Was str8 to the point and touched on an important subject n feeling at once.All and all a Good read Loved everyline BY the way i'm No Talent check out some of my work sometime
| Posted on 2005-07-25 00:00:00 | by No Talent | [ Reply to This ]
  Very gentle, T. I liked it very much. The opening stanza sets up the entire poem. The entire feel to me is like a calm, quiet discussion. I like the way you dont blame God for your problems, just question why He allows them to happen, you do not blame Him for your short comings, instead admit that you always want more. He points out to you, so gently, how He has given all that you've asked for.

I’ve sat here and watched this darkness creep into your soul
Though you’ve tried to leave me, I have yet to let go.
I understand your doubts child, know that it is okay.
After all it is my job to herd the lambs that go astray.

I especially liked this stanza, T. Great job.

| Posted on 2005-07-25 00:00:00 | by wannabe1 | [ Reply to This ]
  This was very sweet. You did a great job. I could hear the conversation behind closed doors. You really did a great job with expression. I hope that you helped yourself mend a little just from writing this.

I guess you were having issues with the font huh? LOL! It does kind of throw you off at the end there where you start talking again and it's in italics. But, I can't operate fully and I'll let it slide. I think you need to contact the Webmaster and have him give you an editorial! LMFAO

| Posted on 2005-07-25 00:00:00 | by Munchie_1226 | [ Reply to This ]
  This was a really great write! I had to add it to my faves list! I don't know many people who haven't battled at one time or another. The questions were thoughtful, the responses even more so. I really enjoyed reading this and it took me back to a short time ago when I was questioning my faith. Answers will rarely ever be immediate, but they do come eventually.

You asked me for love and I gave you family
You asked for tranquility and I gave faith to believe
I delivered good health upon your request
You asked for a miracle, with two children you are now blessed

That was by far my favorite stanza. It's the one thing that too many take for Either way, great job!
| Posted on 2005-07-25 00:00:00 | by dreamweaver | [ Reply to This ]
  i have been in the place this poem describes and made the decision to only believe in loving entities. very good description of a crisis of faith.
a bit long maybe. if you cut some of the redundancies you're in business
| Posted on 2005-07-25 00:00:00 | by jahhnysmom | [ Reply to This ]
  aw t... this was very nice. reminds me of a book with the same title... sorry, anyway. i think everyone begins to question their faith from time to time. do you remember the poem you sent me a long time ago "whispers"? or even "footprints". one being an example of someone who has questioned - and possibly lost their faith, while the other has refound theirs. i cannot critique what comes from the heart, all i can do is wish you the best. this feeling of being lost... it will go away.

| Posted on 2005-07-25 00:00:00 | by Phoenix2004 | [ Reply to This ]
  dang oh that was so tight that hit me hard it made me feel like i should question things for the first time in my life and i really dont know wut else to say peace

heavy knowledge
| Posted on 2005-08-07 00:00:00 | by heavy knowledge | [ Reply to This ]
  WOW,WOW,WOW,WOW...Is all I can say. This poem is so strong the words the realtiy of it all it is sooooo good. You probably just preached what everybody thinks of Go d that everyone is taking him for granted they realy shoudnt. This really good.
well thats all keep up the good work.

| Posted on 2005-08-09 00:00:00 | by POETRY | [ Reply to This ]
  Amazing work! pls write most of ur poems abt god and his blessings coz i was never able to put his blessings into words.
u hav written all the things we try to say everyday,its amzing.
so i hav added u to my fav. list!
| Posted on 2005-08-11 00:00:00 | by sharu | [ Reply to This ]
  Well, everything has been said, so Ill just say;

This was the best I have ever read.
It touched me, really, and I feel that you are really a true poet!

Hugs from Norway...
| Posted on 2006-02-22 00:00:00 | by ChrystalR | [ Reply to This ]

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