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Conceided breakup

Author: JADE
Elite Ratio:    3.45 - 36 /50 /17
Words: 680
Class/Type: Poetry /Misc
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not from personal expierience...

Conceided breakup


Whose more sexier than me?
Intrigues your intrests more then infamous me?
Caresses your body ever so gently?
Makes you feel safer then Martha Stewart in the penitentary?

No one

None of them skeets, hoes,sluts and smuts can hold you down.
None of those materialistic, high class, barbie dolls can hold my crown.
I keep your sanity above ground;
letting you know girls arent as stupid as they sound.
But by your actions, you look like a clown.

How dare you disrespect me, and make me frown?
Make me not believe in you, and believe the rumors all around town?
I refuse to be made a fool,
and if I were you I would come out and just tell the truth.

You and I both know, that they just want to see a show.
See me slap you and fuck her up, call her a bitch, and you a slut.
But Im not going to give them what they want.
Im too classy, and and respect myself too much.
So Im going to ask camly, and without a fuss,

Are You Cheating?

IF you are , Im not going to blame me.
I throw it down in the bed, and its already been said,
that Im the best you ever had, so dont lie, and try to make me all sad.
Make me feel depressed, and as if I wasnt the best.
If Im not, then why you so obssessed with my chest?
Never stop touching me and always say Im better then the rest?
No one can lie that well,
and if you do,
Imma fool cuz
I couldnt even tell.

So answer me, dont lie,
look in my eyes,
damn you so cute you keep me mezmorized,
Even if you cheated i dont think I could stop u from creeping up my thighs.
I love you to much, to let her be our demise.
Id probably take you back and forget about the past.
Be like MC and try make it last.
But how perfect could our love be?
If you out lying, and cheating on me?
I aint do nothing to push you away,
I loved you more and more, every day.
Gave you every part of me, in any kind of way.

Dont try to tell me Im not enough,
that she has what I dont, which couldnt be too much.
I was there through thick and thin,
she's just there when your mind isnt spinin.
Was she there, when u needed someone to hold on to?
Cry on a shoulder and console you?
Was she there, when times were hard,
when money didnt come through, and you had no car?
But I bet she there now, smiling and happy.
Glad you could take care of her, glad like a kid with taffy.
And you left the one, that never did you wrong,
loved you so much, when others didnt think it would last this long.
How could you do this to me man?
We've been together for so long, now you want let go of my hand?
Why give up, when we were perfect?
Blissful love, beneath and on the surface.

I know what it is, your just a little confused.
Pussy must have been that good, that you forgot whose your real muse.
So Im going to just keep reminding you whose the best.
The one who sticks by you, and loves you more then the rest.
Your the one I want and I wont settle for less.
I just hope you come to your senses before, I come to mine,
and realize that maybe you dont love me,
and I shoulda moved on long b4 time.
I guess this is what they mean when they say love is blind.
Cuz what I thought we had, and we did have, was different through my eyes.
Now its just getting that through my mind.

Submitted on 2005-09-17 00:05:45     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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