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My Reflective Essay

Author: wordslinger
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Alright, for my Highschool Portfolio I had to do a reflective essay on some important thing in my life, and I was wondering on your thoughts on it, you know, to see if its any good.

My Reflective Essay

My life hasn’t been filled with many life-changing events, to be honest. In general, there were no points where everything came to a head, a big decision was made, and then life went on differently. Everything I learned came with time, experience, and overall, just sitting somewhere quiet and contemplating what I see. I like to write stories, and so I observe people that I find interesting – and thus, I have no non-interesting friends. Through this, I have discovered many interesting philosophies about life, three of which will be explained here, as they are rather important.

The first and most important idea of life is the truth of time. Most people think of it as moving forward, but it really isn’t. When I joined football it was horrible to think that I was about to spend three to four hours in pain and misery. But eventually, it was over. Since we cannot stop or start time; we cannot assign a speed to it. We characterize the present as a moment where you are conscious of being there. If every moment you’ve ever had you were conscious, then there is no classifiable difference between them. So you’ve got no present. If we distinguish future and past by the present, we haven’t got those either. All we are left with is time. Time is an object that can be manipulated, but until we can stop it completely, we are enslaved to it. And so, no matter what one does, eventually, time will come to a point, such as the end of a practice. Using this philosophy, I am able to get through any hardship. However, this philosophy is an object of perception.

Perception is everything in a world where time can no longer be clearly defined and postulations you knew to be facts are constantly being upgraded, dismantled, and reassembled and then found to be wrong. An example is Newton’s Laws in respect to the Pioneer spacecraft slowing down by 8,000 miles per hour per year for no logical reason. To a point, the world is a clear, concise thing – but only at the most basic of levels. Above that, the world can be as one sees it. Most people seem to discount their own eyes as a form of “perception,” instead judging everyone else’s views. They never realize that what they see as another’s perception is really just a perception of the other’s perception, thus biasing the other’s perception completely, making it an incorrect assumption. But then again, this whole paragraph is just a perception of a perception of a perception. But even so, certain facts can be derived from observation – because at some level, everyone agrees.

People tend to act a certain way to certain things. Let’s make a scale, say, where a three is a good understanding of the situation and nine is mild confusion. Anywhere between three and nine, people will either be scared, happy, or whatever the situation calls for. Anywhere above a nine is great confusion; anywhere below a three is complete understanding. Let’s say a situation is hopeless – if one does not know enough about it or understands how forlorn it is, they generally stop trying to see the bigger picture and just disassemble it into a ton of little pictures – and just go with the flow, working like a robot. It’s the only thing to do. In Hurricane Katrina, that’s how it was initially, but then things got a little ordered, and people fell in the scale between nine and three again – and started thinking too much. Then they got scared. People are like machines: Predictable. The only problem is, if you don’t understand the machine, you can’t possibly understand what it does, which brings me to my conclusion.

You can classify everything from time to the human mind but there is one key problem: How can one go off understanding everything else in the universe without understanding oneself completely first? This is the problem. We cannot understand how the human brain works – and so therefore, we cannot predict ourselves. If we cannot predict ourselves, how can we predict a universe filled with myriad of different life forms and objects and forces? The thing is, we really can’t, completely. But hey, so what if you miss a few answers on the test of life? You can still get an A. “Your reach should always outdo your grasp, for what else are the stars for?”

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