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Domestic Violence

Author: Munchie_1226
ASL Info:    25/F/E.STL
Elite Ratio:    4.49 - 1831 /1834 /185
Words: 128
Class/Type: Poetry /Serious
Total Views: 1963
Average Vote:    No vote yet.
Bytes: 881


Just read..........yesterday I had*sighs*

Domestic Violence

Looking in the mirror,
At a battered face.
Bruises on my cheek,
My nose out of place.

Bruises on my breast,
my legs, thigh and back.
I never thought I would succumb,
To a beating such as that.

My daughter screaming with terror,
The look of terror in her eyes.
As daddy hits on mommy,
She gives her caring cries.

"Daddy don't hit mommy.
She's bleeding all over."
I couldn't escape the horror,
To even go and hold her.

Police called into action,
Daddy under arrest.
I begin feeling guilty,
As the love seeps from my chest.

I was the one he trusted,
Yet, I also trusted him.
He never thought I'd get him caught up.
I never thought he'd do it again.

Submitted on 2005-11-02 08:31:22     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  Li Li,

abuse is a toxic thing. you would think growing up things will change. I thought once I separated from my parents that I too would not be like them. but our demons follow like a generational curse. I’m very sorry that you had to experience the abuse at the hands of someone who was suppose to love you and honor you. I hope that you have healed from the trauma that you suffered and you heart be not hardened by the evils that people do. I pray one day you will find that special someone who will love you more than their breath and your life be filled with joy and spiritual edification. you are a strong woman who has been through battles and you are still standing. this is a very touching and strong piece. bless you Li Li, you children, your future, and all those who care for you and give you the respect you deserve. may all you paths be straight and joy be brought immeasurably to your life. well done girl,

| Posted on 2006-01-04 00:00:00 | by inspirit999 | [ Reply to This ]
  hey yo i feel ur pain. he used to beat me all the time but not like that. he never made me bleed. i think any man who can hit a woman isn't really a man, and they deserve to get their asses beat. if this happened to u, i'm sorry. good write.
| Posted on 2005-11-16 00:00:00 | by unknown soldier | [ Reply to This ]
  Wow, lili.. i really hope this aint happen to you! it brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart ache.. u my girl, fo real an you nor the baby deserve to go thro that [censored].. im so sorry boo.. u in my prayers!
| Posted on 2005-11-04 00:00:00 | by AnointedPoetess | [ Reply to This ]
You bring me into your emotion with every one of your writes I read
My God if this happenend to you im so sorry
I see your little girl crying and it brings tears to my eyes

The positivity of this peace is that you were able to move on
You did the right thing
and i hope others realize
It was not only you who got scared
It was the innocent eyes
Of a child
God Bless You
as always ill be praying for you
| Posted on 2005-11-02 00:00:00 | by Ronswords | [ Reply to This ]
  wow, i'm kinda at a loss here.
i really don't have the words to say what i'm thinking, what i'm feeling. i can give you all the textbook compliments, and they'd all be honest and true, but if this poem is sincere, as i fear it is, then no compliment or word i can give is sufficient. so i'll leave you with this...i don't know what to say, and i think that says it all.
| Posted on 2005-11-02 00:00:00 | by treybur | [ Reply to This ]
  ...[censored]ign sick, i hate peopel like that! i've been there...thank you for sharing. The poem, i liked it, very well thought out without the feeling you really worked on it. One thing is using terror twice in the same stanza or whatever you want to call it. YOu could find another for either and it would sound better. Other than that, great piece, pity it happens too often in life...
| Posted on 2005-11-02 00:00:00 | by Mercy December | [ Reply to This ]
  finding words for this right now is nearly impossible! you already know what it is you need to do, and you already know what is best.

this piece breaks my heart not only for you, but that beautiful lil girl. those are things that no child should ever have to witness and feel the need to save their mom. trust me. i was in her shoes as a kid. It is painful to witness, and even more painful to think that everytime daddy raises his voice something bad is about to happen.

you are in my prayers always girl, and i already know what you have inside of you...this is a very powerful piece!

love ya girl!

| Posted on 2005-11-02 00:00:00 | by stolie77 | [ Reply to This ]
  surprised at how you go this to be so full of truths and emotion yet it still flowed smoothly...

as a reader this makes me sad to read such words...

as a victim growing up in an abusive home it reminds me...

and as a sister and someone who loves you very deeply it enrages Li Li...and then re read the last stanza...why doubt? why?! If he isn't man enough to step up and say I'm wrong let me face the consequences of my actions then please sis...PLEASE for the sake of the innocence of my fuzz PLEASE be the one who is grown and strong enough to say I love you...and I always will...but love is not enough to pretend like this is how life should be. Its not just your're a strong woman and can over come so much Li so much but fuzz...she can't...she isn't her own person yet...she's too young to say yes this is the life i want to live...learned behavior...let's raise our children to see beyond what mama knew...they deserve so much more.

I love you sis and I dont want to upset you, I just want you to look at the situation without using your heart...

*big hugs*
| Posted on 2005-11-02 00:00:00 | by Brownsdelight | [ Reply to This ]
  this is really sad.. i know the feeling

the type of writing you use... it seems sort of hallow.. which goes witht his poem.. kinda like some one dried out just relaying the story... it's intresting...

the only part of this i saw a problem with was the way the little girl talked.. thats more out of personal prefance than anything else.. not all kids say mommy i never did.. but other than that i thought it was good

on the flipside
| Posted on 2005-11-02 00:00:00 | by milo stills | [ Reply to This ]

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