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The Satellites

Author: MystMaker
Elite Ratio:    6.35 - 120 /75 /24
Words: 208
Class/Type: Prose /Satire
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well I think when I tried out that new Google thing... its called Google Earth or Google World or something... it completely creeped me out. (check it out if you can) So I guess this is the product of that.

The Satellites

The moment they went up, we knew we were being watched.

“It will help us see the world!” they said, “Better our understanding of life.”
What did they mean better understand? They claimed that crimes would be stopped before they could even start.

But we knew.

Information was sent, data was analyzed, and records were stored. Every bit of it came from the satellites.

Somewhere in the sky they watched us. Cameras kept snapping photos as we went about living. All of the pictures were kept.
There was no such thing as a useless photo.
Like they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words, and the government intended to find those words. Every one of them.

A general could ask, “Where is that lady going?” And the satellites would reply without hesitation.
Because they knew.
Yes, crimes were cut two fold, but so was privacy.

Everyday you would walk outside, taking in the greens of spring. Nodding approvingly, you couldn’t help but smile. But eventually you couldn’t help but look to the sky, face upturned to the heavens. A slight shudder would make its way down your spine because you knew those cold, metallic creatures,
were watching

Submitted on 2005-11-06 20:26:35     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  this is great, and just too true... if i was anymore of a paranoid person, this prose would have creeped me out to no return, but since i dont care who is watching me, i just toned out that paranoia...
nicely written, on a subject that we all should learn more about... however, until each one of us decides to live and more simple lifestyle, the government and corporations are going to want to keep an eye on us... but i digress...
i really enjoyed this and have nothing else worthwhile to say... so i am just going to go flick off all those [censored]s watching me - from across the street, not the satelites - and get something to eat...
great write

PEACE and LOVE, greg
| Posted on 2005-12-14 00:00:00 | by geherald | [ Reply to This ]
  This sort of reminds me of Orson Wells 1984 book. Big brother is watching.
I have visited that sight myself and zoomed in on my own backyard.
This is a thinkers write with much truth to it.
We live our lives thinking that we are holding secrets and not even knowing that are secrets are not secrets.
The Satellites that they use today can even pinpoint a single voice. You would probably be surprised at what the Satellites can do or maybe you wouldn't be surprised. The fact of the matter is that privacy is a thing of the past.
One more tidbit for you to take in here is that even this site that we are typing away on is recorded. Big brother can look in on our conversations without us ever knowing about it.

Nicely written prose here that speakes to the mind.

Respect and Admiration

| Posted on 2005-11-27 00:00:00 | by Wisdom Seeker | [ Reply to This ]
  This is a good prose about this sort of spooky concept. I have accessed this site myself and zoomed down upon my house. I thought it was pretty amazing but you know it is creepy. The more our technology grows the more powerful and capable these satellites become. This prose just screamed paranoia to me, and with good reason to. Imagine how far this can go with more development. Just to sit in your front yard and feel like you are being watched. They say the angels look down upon you from the heavens but I dont think this is what was intended haha! Very thought provoking and nicely written prose. Take care.

| Posted on 2005-11-12 00:00:00 | by lmz | [ Reply to This ]
  as a sketch to a short sotry it has the basic skeleton of the theme in place. Now if you can find a drama to illustrate how the perversion from useful tool to intrusive voyeur it would become a wonderful short story. I would suggest, either a subtle political drama about a anarchistic group say green peace or something like that, were the goverment is trying to infaltrate and undermine, say under the auspice of anti-terrorism or say a spy thriller with antagonist is the anti heroe in the first person and he employs the tools against the protagonist in an abuse of power. Now if you could pull that off, the former,that would be sweet. if you pick either story up from the middle of the it could be really interesting without having to throw in a lot of background. Anyhow, I like the idea. Just try to avoid the clichés of enemy of the state and other thrillers like the pelican brief.
| Posted on 2005-11-12 00:00:00 | by Car va g o | [ Reply to This ]
  This is really good. It's true, I think what you're talking about is the camera satelites in space that can track you and take pictures of you like that *snaps fingers*...If so, then yeah, I know what you're talking about. This is really good prose, great write, I enjoyed reading it.
| Posted on 2005-11-07 00:00:00 | by Toxic_Rayne | [ Reply to This ]
  pretty neat prose story um thingy hee hee ok this is interesting google earth huh I’ve tried that actually found area 51 and the pyramids. its a fun little program sadly though it is a monster memory eater too had to wipe it off my comp so now I’m googleless if that is a word. i like the creepy part "and the government intended to find those words. Every one of them." they are always watching! its easy for my mind to go into paranoia mode when i read this shhhh did you hear that! backing up just a bit this part here "They claimed that crimes would be stopped before they could even start." reminds me of a science fiction movie i saw with Tom Cruise. i think it is very common for writers here on elite to save the best for last cause my favorite line here is "A slight shudder would make its way down your spine because you knew those cold, metallic creatures,
were watching " especially the word metallic creatures that is cool.
take it easy and nice write,

| Posted on 2005-11-06 00:00:00 | by inspirit999 | [ Reply to This ]

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