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Conflicto Sonata

Author: mrmundane
ASL Info:    20/m/vancouver bc
Elite Ratio:    2.4 - 47 /96 /78
Words: 770
Class/Type: Story /Misc
Total Views: 965
Average Vote:    No vote yet.
Bytes: 4964


Just wanted to try writing a short story... sort of...

Conflicto Sonata

As I sat there with Archibald,
Talking about something easily forgettable,
I felt a strange nervous tingle...
The type that one gets when some uninvited guest is trying to mingle...
My attention strayed from our engadged conversation
The glare from the sun reflected from the opposite location
... and there it was, a toy, and I chortled;
That this was the thing which had me befuddled.
But then it went postal; and rotated like a top,
up from the roof and down to our spot.
It clocked Archie, like I hadn't seen heretofore.
The arms were so light and sharp with each circumscribed bore.
Archibold fell from his chair and the thing proceeded to mug...
I leapt to my feet surprised! What an audacious little thug!

Such a wee little thing, of ten or so inches
Toppled a man who would've, otherwise, put it in his clinches.
It then demanded my share and I obligingly gave it.
Then it flipped in the air and let the wind take it.

Though Archibald was injured, I decided to leave.
To defend his possessions who's absense would aggrieve.
I tore through the dust which suffocated the street.
The sandy ground was hot, unstable and blistering to the feet.

It led me to a warship; harbinger of this aggressor;
More flew into view; little malicious toys to their professor
Metallic, weightless, strong;
"What could be going on... ?"
A man! I saw him standing, all cloaked in devices
His eyes fixed firmly on these incoming vices
Fresh from the killings of those for their holdings
Of those honest and brave; who earned them by equitable workings

How dare he interfere with those that I loved!
The acts of this man depicted everything I begrudge!
And to think of my good pal Archie...
Most firmly abused without justification or a decent apology; au fait!

... So I declared him dead, this processor of the bounty
Claiming the goods of the illfated plenty.
I picked up my gun and blared at his nob;
Fell to the dirt; frail disgraceful snob.
He didn't expect a gun, what kind of brainy moron was he?
Reloaded, I approached ever so cautious, but the robots locked onto me
They posed an extraordinary threat;
Damned for being blindly gallant,
I shot my entire round, hitting nothing but air;
les acrobatiques
Flew with finesse and astral light flair.
My feet hit the dirt like a torrential rain; to no avail.
They kicked and clobbered my feet.
I tripped: Terra firma...
Swarmed and beaten;
I fortified my barrel with some charges withheld
I blew one to the junkyard.
Another two went without aberration; but the next few caught on to this altercation.
I took the split second I had to beat the dirt; sand
As luck would have it, a sudden hebetude set in; and
well, I hit it, somnolence... darkness; drat
I stirred; their spindly feet wearing blood from mon tête
"DAMN THIS!" I said!
I grabbed one by the log and tossed it to some nearby contiguous slog
"HAHA" I thought...;
"To death!"
I clawed; bloody and distressed.
"Evil robots," I said, "Time to open a can of some major league whoopass!"; nigh...
For the other hadn't cashed his chips; just pranced in the wind with a flamboyant malevolence
I half-stood in the water;
adrenalized jubilation
There was something strange in my hand;
les yeux!
My hand looked deviated, all mangled and long;
I tried to move my fingers, then a crackle shook the wind; "Oh!"
Looked up, as one hit the sand;
Not that I cared, and I certainly wasn't going to wait for the birds and the bears.
I had better things to do than think about that.
... I would not become the great big mountain lion who turned into a cat!
I resolved to remain fierce until the pierce which better make me dead.
And the slings and arrows of combat I will not let mess with my head!

I got down into the muck, full of the foulest matter.
Infecting my wounds but I tried not to care.
The goal right now, was to save that for later.
Sight on: Contemplate. Concentrate. Foresee. Obliterate.
Now for the last... The one I took out with a disease-ridden splash!

Click Clack-Bang, that's the name of the game,
When the tricky ol' robots try mess with my bane!
I'll slit my own skin and short them all out.
That's what you get when you invoke my flout.

Submitted on 2005-12-12 16:39:01     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  This was great! One of the best short stories I've read on Elite Skills. Its originality is pheonominal. Not to mention the great choice of words. I also could see you merged some poetry into the story, I think that turned out well for you. I can't really say anything bad about it. It was a good peice, and I must say that you must have worked hard on it. Anyway, I'm going to add it to my favorites. I hope to see more like this coming from you. You're a very gifted writer.
| Posted on 2006-04-12 00:00:00 | by Draigon | [ Reply to This ]
  Really liked your word choices-unique and interesting. The story was good too. I can honestly say I've never read anything like it before and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
| Posted on 2005-12-27 00:00:00 | by Side of Keen | [ Reply to This ]
  This was an interesting and neat piece.

Have you considered writing traditional stories? Seems like you got the sci-fi thing down.

The format must have been challenging I imagine. I only say that cause at times it seemed like you forced some senctances to rhyme. Thats okay though. I think if you spent a little more time on this you could really make it into something terrific.

It was just a fun read plain and simple. I usually tend to stick to stories, but the mesh of poerty and story blended quite well. Not to mention this is quite an original piece. Great work. Id be interested to read it again with a few polishings.

Take Care
| Posted on 2005-12-13 00:00:00 | by Scrumpy | [ Reply to This ]
  oh ma gawd,
this was really intense, i dont usualy like reading the sories on here not even the short ones, but this had me hooked from beggining to end, i just wanted to read more. your description was perfect, def adding this to ma faves,
thanx for sharing
x x x x
| Posted on 2005-12-12 00:00:00 | by secret kisses | [ Reply to This ]

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