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Mikomi Furubiotoroeru

Author: akaietowa-ru_18
ASL Info:    20/F/Belly of the Beast
Elite Ratio:    3.68 - 101 /125 /64
Words: 1825
Class/Type: Fanfic /Longing
Total Views: 1290
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Grrr.....Ano, it's a christmas present to ya'll I guess......

Mikomi Furubiotoroeru

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or Yu Yu Hakusho!


Mikomi Furubiotoroeru

Notes: Otou: father; Kaa: Mother.


All were around in a not small, and yet not a big room. Lit by the glowing embers of a fire. The soft glow almost non-existent to a tree in the corner of the room right next to the fireplace to the right. Yet it was still lovely and full of colors; pastel, dark, vibrant, dull, all sorts of things! Though it was arranged just right with the ornaments and lights that it seemed to fit in it's own tasteful sense. Oh and so bright, yet with a luminous image.

A small little boy with dark black hair sat by it looking at it's wonder. Basking in it's wonderful glitter and what not. He wore a dark gray sweatshirt with black pants. His hair was tied back and reached until his waist. He was holding onto a panda of sorts, and swaying lightly with the Christmas music of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” in the background, as well as humming it softly.

Brown eyes still stared up at the majestic forest pine still clutching at the black and white bear. Yet there were tears streaming down his pale little face. Why would a child be crying on such a joyous day this. For it was Christmas eve for this boy yet he crying his little eyes out.

The big sorrowful brown eyes swirled with crimson as they shined through with tears. He didn't seem to notice the black jewels that were forming from his tears that dropped to the floor with a soft thunk.

“Hiroshi?” Came out a soft call of a woman as she went to the child's side. She stood a few feet away from him with a piece of paper with bad scripture that only a child would have. “Hiro?” Came out the soft plea again as she went towards the child.

When she saw the black jewels formed from his tears she went and nearly panicked. “Hiroshi! Honey, oh don't cry please!” She picked up the child into her arms and cooed softly to him to try and calm him down.

“Kaa, Malum-San; I dropped him.” He whispered softly into her shoulder as he tried to hold in the tears. His little voice strained from sadness his mother could never make disappear.

When she sat down grabbing the panda now named Malum-San on the couch with Hiroshi in her lap. He whispered a little still clutching as her shoulder strongly. “Kaa, when is Otou coming home? He's going to miss it! He's going to miss Christmas, and opening his presents, and eating with us, and he won't be here to sing me those old songs like he used to! Kaa, when is he coming home?!” Came out the child's broken sob as he clutched onto the panda. “Malum-San misses him too. When's Otou coming home?” The tears wouldn't stop now as he sobbed more and more his brown eyes fully turning red. The black tear drops fell on the mother, and she quietly sobbed herself clutching at the child.

“I don't know if he's coming home this year. I'm sorry Hiro, but you have to be a big boy, and stop crying. If he doesn't come, he doesn't.” She said her eyes growing red and puffy as she tried to calm herself down. She took Hiroshi and made him sit down facing her fully on her lap. “Just be a big boy for Kaa, and don't cry.” She saw him nod, and gave him a soft smile. “Come on big man! It's time for the sweets and hot cocoa!”

She got up leaving him on the couch with his bear to the kitchen. It was always a holiday tradition for this small family to partake on Christmas eve. The boy was only five years of age, but he never forgets of it. His father and mother would always fight a bit with the marshmallows for the cocoa then stuff him a bit with them. Then came the candy canes and ginger bread men-- or as his mother referred to them; ginger bread people. After awhile they'd just sink into the coach right in front of the fireplace to watch the small fire build up with the now mild cocoa in there hands. Oh, and how could they forget about Malum-San; the panda that his father gave to him when he experienced his first Christmas.

He didn't cry anymore, but inside he was wailing. Crying tears for his father to actually come home. He hadn't seen his father for about three months now. Ever since six months ago he started to disappear to places. His mother knew, but didn't want to shock her own child over the fact of his own father. IT would hurt him to much, so she kept quiet and hoped to cope with it silently.

Every single day he would see his mother's once bright and shining eyes lit up with fire and happiness; it almost seemed like it would never go out. Though he was mistaken as it went dimmer, and dimmer with each passing day his father was gone.

His father's friends came and visited sometimes, and gave him gifts of some sorts. When he asked for his dad they would look the other way towards somewhere else, or at his mother, and then say they had to go back to work or something.

Autumn had passed and so did the spring; spring had come and would soon be gone. Almost four season, and no word to what was going on. Why isn't Otou here? The poor child asked himself every night as he went to sleep hanging onto his panda with a strong grip.

His mother and older brother just looked on with blank eyes as each day passed. Doing everything to occupy there selves with; including their minds. They faced the truth that he would never come back. He was gone in their minds; never to be seen again by the two. Yet the small child held hope, and kept his hopes up. He had determination that his father would come back; no matter what. He knew that his father was one of the strongest men living in the three worlds.

His older brother came in and sat next to him and ruffled his hair a bit. Unlike his mother's, father's, and his black hair, his older brother had sort of soft auburn hair with deep green eyes. It reminded him of one of his father's friends, and he smiled at that, cause the older man always treated him with the most kindness.

He was brought out of his mind as he heard the door bell ring excessively over and over. He heard a crash come from the kitchen, and his mother just sigh as she picked it up. Without even saying a word his older brother went to answer it never once giving him a glance.

Hiroshi just watched from the couch and saw a woman with blue hair enter, and lifted a brow at how she was acting. He never really learned her name that well, but he knew that the blue haired woman was always cheerful, bubbly, and happy, and was great friends with his mother. Yet she had not been around much lately.

She had rushed in with tears streaming down her face, and long haunted eyes. She was clutching a white fabric that looked a bit familiar, and stumbled into my brother's grip as he tried to steady her.

After she got her footing back she gulped for air for one moment then shook my brother a bit crying even more, and mumbling out some phrases that he didn't quiet understand. Then she stilled and looked towards the kitchen to his mother, and released my brother leaving him a bit stunned as he turned around and his shoulder's shook a bit as did the rest of his body as he leaned against the wall. All the little boy could hear were choked sobs from his older brother.

He diverted his eyes from his brother, and then to his mother. She stared straight at him with cold eyes. “Hiroshi, go to your room with Malum-San. I'll give you your treats in a little while.” She took the crazed woman into the kitchen with soft hands and talked to her soothingly as he obediently went to his room dragging Malum-San behind him.

As he walked into his room he heard his mother let out a sharp gasp then a thud as crying sounds came out, but he didn't think much of it as he just closed the door shushing everything out, and just situated himself on his bed and looked out the window. He now had Malum-San in his lap as he hugged it from behind and looked out the window.

Frosted, yet not enough to cloud his vision that much. The boy's image wavered a bit, and red eyes, and pointed ears drifted into his image. He hummed softly as his now red eyes stared out the window at the snowing layout that he lived in. “I know my Otou is coming home. I just know it.” Hiroshi clutched at his panda harder and closed his eyes as he wished it into the night a lone tear escaping his eye, and as if fell to the bed it turned into the black jewel again.

The boy kept his hope up wishing for a Christmas miracle; for his father to return home, while in the other room his mother broke down sobbing on the floor as she clutched the white fabric the blue haired woman had come in with had. His brother was beating his fists into the wall as he kept on saying every curse he knew over and over crying as well.

The boy's Christmas was not ruined, but his mother's and father's were. Just as well for the friend's that his father had, and his father? The blue haired woman came with news that he had died a while back; three months ago.

Yet the boy kept on smiling for his father to return, and to tell him of his adventures when he did....


A/N: Well my first oneshot! Yippee! It's a crossover though, so ya! My second crossover! I'm so tired though, I mean trying to finish this thing in only an hour! I wanted to post it on Christmas and I did! Christmas fix here! And if you can't guess the characters they are Kagome who is Hiroshi's mother, and Shippou as the brother, and Botan was the one that was the messanger. I'll leave you to guess the father....

Submitted on 2005-12-25 03:36:05     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  this is a good short story. i really liked it. but it's really sad. the words you used kept me captivated to the very last line. keep up the good work. hope to hear more from you. oh, one more thing, what does "Mikomi Furubiotoroeru" mean in english?


p.s: i think there is a spelling mistake, sitting on the coach, i think it should be couch...? (the bit after where the mother refers to the ginger bread men to ginger bread people )
| Posted on 2005-12-27 00:00:00 | by sushi wok | [ Reply to This ]

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