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Thieve's Paradise

Author: Poeticprincess
ASL Info:    18/f/Germany
Elite Ratio:    3.3 - 333 /325 /104
Words: 1088
Class/Type: Story /Betrayal
Total Views: 749
Average Vote:    3.0000
Bytes: 4820


okay this is like a story i'm writing hopefully i can finish it. It's about two crime organizations at war. I don't know where i'm going with this but bare with me. oh and i put it under betrayl because it's a story of love and betrayl...hmm interesting anyways read and comment.

~~Danni aka DePoetry~~

Thieve's Paradise

Prologue January 19, 2002

Bryce looked at her older sister René in curiosity. She was thirteen and René was sixteen. Bryce favored the mother she faintly remembered, her hair was dark brown and stopped at her shoulders, she had light hazel eyes and honey brown skin. She was fiver- two and had a slender body that was thick in all the right places. René favored her dad and had jet-black kinky hair that stopped two inches past her shoulders and light brown eyes. She had pecan brown skin and a curvy thick but thin body. René was wearing blue jeans and a wife beater and her eyes held anger in them. Bryce was wearing jeans and a pink shirt still oblivious to what was going on. She gasped as René pulled out a .9 desert eagle.
"Where did u get that?" she asked as René loaded it and set it down on one of the twin-sized beds that were in the small room.
One thing Bryce hated was that they lived in a small cramped apartment in D.C. The room she shared with René was as big as a master bathroom with two twin-sized beds against the opposite walls. They had a small window, which René could barely fit through when she snuck out of the house at night. Bryce remembered when she was younger hearing her parents argue through the thin walls. Sometimes the arguments ended with Bryce's dad leaving and not returning till the next day drunk. Other times it lead to blows. Finally one day when Bryce was seven, her mother packed her things and left. Since then René was the only one who took care of her.
René finally after a moment looked at Bryce and said, "This is Thieves Paradise, it doesn't matter were I got it, it matters what I’m going do wit it though."
Bryce also hated the section of D.C. were the lived, she grew up calling it Thieves paradise. Just because people stole your life, and didn't think twice. It was the perfect place for a drug dealer, pimp, even pedophile to live simply because the police were just as bad.
"What are you going to do with it?" asked Bryce.
"Mind my business."
Bryce glared at René and crossed her hands over her chest saying, "I'm not a fucking kid you can tell me what your gonna do with it."
René sighed and said, "I'm not gonna let him beat me like he beat momma, he'll never put his fucking hands on me again."
"Dad tried to beat you?"
René didn't answer her she just simply looked at her and blinked. Bryce was about to repeat the question when they heard the door open and then slam shut. René inhaled and then exhaled slowly. She studied Bryce for a second before running her hands through Bryce's hair.
"I'll always protect you B you know that right?"
Bryce nodded and a mans voice yelled, "REENE!!"
René sighed and then picked up the gun walking out of the room. Bryce shrugged and was about to get out a pen when she paused. She quickly ran out of her bedroom into the small living room. René was pointing the gun at their father who for once looked scared.
"René put the gun down." said their father.
Bryce stopped breathing for a second when she heard René take the safety off. René didn't notice Bryce she just looked at their father with no emotion.
"You're a fucking drunk, a child molester and you deserve to die."
"René…" started Bryce.
Their father looked at René and said, "René, I’m sorry just put the goddamn gun down."
"No, because I’ll be damned if you ever try that shit with Bryce."
"René..." started their father just as René pulled the trigger.
Bryce started screaming when their father’s lifeless body hit the floor. Tears started streaming down her eyes and René walked out of the living room into the bedroom they shared. She came back out with a book bag on her back. She knelt down in front of Bryce and hugged her.
"I had to do it B, I had to,” she whispered.
Bryce nodded and René stood up with Bryce in tow. They walked out of their apartment to see a guy in front of a black jaguar wearing all black and smoking a Newport. He looked at René and crossed his arms.
"It's done."

Submitted on 2006-03-04 16:35:49     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  ok that was intense... where u left us hanging was HARSH! I kind of want to read more.. I liked it a lot and I hope that you post more.
| Posted on 2006-03-04 00:00:00 | by | [ Reply to This ]

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