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Two Murders

Author: Rastine Aristat
ASL Info:    19/Male/California
Elite Ratio:    8 - 125 /62 /31
Words: 982
Class/Type: Story /Misc
Total Views: 896
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This is, I suppose, my view on romanticism, John, not Sera, (please don't kill me for it) To me, it, like Sera, is more of an ideal than a manafest thing, I know what I want, just haven't found it yet. Hope you enjoy, and if you don't sorry to say that it's a couple of minutes of your life that are nonrefundable. Salaam

Two Murders

John stepped out of his office, locking the door gingerly before setting off down the street. Walking with smooth, deliberate strides, the pale man smiles darkly as the world dulls, blanching into a bitter, ebbing, grey rage. His tailored suit, an eternal, sensible black sigil of his influence in conjunction with his perfectly groomed, shoulder length hair, accentuating his easy, smile and his honeyed voice, gave him an air of powerful confidence.

John smiles genuinely as he takes a moment to watch the last free ray of the sun be imprisoned behind the wall of apathy before continuing to meet the woman he loved. His Sera, the throbbing light of his life, the one constant thing in this ever shifting world. He even went so far as to dare to conjure her image to mind, though it was a blasphemous attempt to keep her with him always. Only now he was beginning to doubt her commitment to him. He wondered if his angel had forsaken him at last, abandoned him, forgotten him.

He found her amongst the dead, green treed park which she frequented when she had a problem to puzzle over. She was a radiant young woman, pale and nubile of form with raven locks and compassionate, chocolate eyes. They were eyes that, if you weren’t careful, could end up lost in, with no way to escape their majestic beauty. He was so enamored by her predictable, yet somehow exotic beauty, that he didn’t notice the first large crow land beside her.

“My love, my Sera.” The words rolled like crystalline water from his lips.. Her hair whipped about in a jet rainbow of ribbons as her head. “I am sorry to have startled you my love.,” his silky voice intoned as one more carrion bird landed softly upon her bare left shoulder. And for a moment, it seemed as though Sera‘s knowing, chocolate eyes turned into a pair of pale sapphires, clouded by confusion. “Are you quite alright?” he asked, a little worried, but then she was the same woman he had always known, her eyes the same depthless orbs they should be.

Her face twisted into a sad smile. “I’m sorry sir,” she apologized, her voice not quite hitting the proper pitch. “But, you must have me mistaken for somebody else. Are you meeting somebody here?” Was that, no it couldn’t be, but it must have been a hint of fear he detected in her voice. And why was there yet another crow landing at her stunning feet., joining its raucous cry to that of its companion.

“Sera, don’t you recognize me?” John didn’t know how to make her recognize him. “You must know me. I have loved you for nearly two years now. I have seen you in all your beautiful tenderness.” He saw the horror which his bare heart received like an icy hot needle piercing his heart. “You love me!” he proclaimed to his precious, mortified Sera. But the more distressed she became, the less she seemed like the Sera he knew. And how dare that streak of blond taint her glorious, raven hair? He felt his jealous anger growing within him as another pair of the carrion feeders descended to her, worshiping her with their mournful song.

“I don’t know who you are,” Sera wailed as she turned to run. But John’s shockingly powerful fingers locked around her wrist like steel cuffs. “Let me be! have you lost your mind? I told you, I’m not Sera, I don’t even know her.” She struggled, but her words fell onto dead ears. And in her innocent, terror stricken blue eyes, he saw his Sera, mournfully shaking her head full of rainbow black locks, sympathetic silence amplifying the accusatory chorus of the black rainbows that surrounded him.

“Don’t look at me that way Sera!” John demanded with the first roaring of the sky. “I will not have that look from you, it was you…” his voice drowned out by his anger. You are the one who abandoned me. I didn’t kill you, you were already dead.” Electric light began to fall from the tumultuous sky, highlighting another of the gathering birds. But John no longer saw them, all he saw was Sera, his adulterous, faithful, betrayer. How could she not have recognized him, even to this day. He had seen her every day for the last two years. The sky darkened, black with night, waiting to burst for sorrow as death sigils gathered in one place, certain to cause a commotion.

His hand fell away from her wrist conceding her the victory, until he recalled once more the way she had received his undying love that painful night. Moments later the sickening crack of the jagged stone bouncing off her head was drowned by yet another peel of thunder. “My dearest, Sera,” laughed John hysterically as he plucks another chunk of concrete from the broken pile. If you will not love me, then I must not allow you to love anybody.” His words proclaimed the love that her blood confirmed as the sky ruptured, bleeding warm rivers, drowning the world in it’s misery.

When John rose from her, his hands were quickly being washed of her life‘s ambrosia, his tears were camouflaged by the rain’s fury. Standing amongst the six he began to walk to his ordinary house, with average food, and a mediocre job to look forward to in the morning. Yet when he arrived, seven crows, seven murders and one. He would, he decided with the staunch resolve of one an ordinary man who has seen something that should not exist, put from his mind all thoughts of crows, murders, and deaths. But most of all, he would forget Sera. Until he next saw her at least.

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  I love serial killers, so this was right up my alley. It was a good story. I love his fixation on this girl and how he gets jealous of her features. The way he sees his lost love in a complete stranger that looks nothing like his love and he sees crows for the number of people he kills. The strange thing is, if he just goes out like you describes and kills people like that there would be evidence and he would be caught. You know forensics and stuff. So it doesn't quite work out like that in real life.
Thanks for the read,
| Posted on 2006-03-08 00:00:00 | by Briannan | [ Reply to This ]

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