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copycat(dissing SINceer)

Author: PROlifik
ASL Info:    23/m/va
Elite Ratio:    2.01 - 23 /28 /21
Words: 751
Class/Type: Lyrics /Serious
Total Views: 1253
Average Vote:    5.0000
Bytes: 4262


SINceer05 keeps calling me out so i keep killin em hahaha

copycat(dissing SINceer)

let me set this straight
the subject of victory should no longer remain a topic of debate
the world has witnessed you feed of success i create to this date
its like an energy off everything i make they find some way to make you sound great
now you wanna tell me you gonna higher the rate?,be freal with out me you had a blank slate
ill break the bank,you just drunk off half a 211 you drank
im the cause for your new found improvement
not your new found power trip and movement,cuz bascily ive yet to lose it
on your last attack you even questioned yourself in the title+another level?+
cause we both know ive won several,I TOOK it to another level im way to clever
never commerical,no rehearsel
stay apart from populairtys inner circle
rhymes turn you black blue an purple ill hurt ya
you dont want another round-so stop taking shots at the underground
ill put ya under the ground if you utter a sound i wanna hear nothing around
you worked on yours for days im just doin this now for fun man
so whats up man,i dropped 800 you dropped a grand fam,damn man
and im still in demand man,where ya fans man???
i can help ya out i can shout out ya name man
it shouldnt come as news to you that i refuse to loose to you
look at ya rhyme its a mirror image of my style,you just a faker keep ya eyes on ya OWN paper
you better give me my rhymes back,rewind his rhyme back-now tell me where you would first find that?
but damn nevermind that i'll bring nine back bend his fuckin spine back,not to kind wit that so dont rhyme like that
stick to your one line raps and all that other "crossin a fine line" type crap,you aint even got fans to clap
i pick up the newspaper,turn to the obituary section and damn +SINceer+ what do i see?- a picture of your career
thats gotta be hard man-heres a twenty to wipe that tear now you can see it clear you lost its over here

oh i aint done yet

you wanna go two verses i can go two verses
fuck it i could go for three just dissin you for free you just a wannabe mcee
yo check it-your pen is empty-which would explain why you are writting NOTHING
thats why i keep rushing keep the rhymes busting im fuckin disgusting
so sick and you know this-i own this,i just gave you a loan in this now you alone in this
now how could you compete with me you only feelin defeat with me
now repeat with me-"PROlifik you beat me"
i'll blaze the booth,hundred percent truth im one hundred percent proof
indistructable i'll leap off a 12 story roof you just a +scary movie+ spoof
im tupac in juice so stop beggin for a truce just cause you beggin to produce
this is gonna be on everyones favorite list- i did you a favor in this diss
got your name out-AGAIN-copied me with your capitalized +SIN+
thats the REAL sin,but i still got the real win,damn i honestly do it before i begin
im just so creative,a real hip hop type native
so stop your just a disaster beggin for laughter from now on you better think twice who you go after
you fake ass rapper
like kanye west ill make sure you "touch the sky" you fuckin wannabe tough guy
damn havent we ALL had enough of this guy???look at the stuff from this guy
i know we ALL askin-WHY??all hoping your career will die,your never gonna make a bill-so goodbye
cause just like any movie you know im gonna live cuz im the +good guy+
you have no right to harass me but your right elite skills does class-ify me -so you should know to stop tryin me
its over,its time to end it-sign it and dot it cause lets be honest you dont got it like i got it
just stop it-im more potent then your product of chronic like ray allen in seattle im supersonic
i'll leave ya conscience on the wall i aint playin at all,i'll make sure you cant even crawl
i'll rob you for the grams you land man right where you stand fam knock the miller lite can right outta ya damn hand

Submitted on 2006-03-30 05:54:19     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  DAMN!!! SON Calm the phuck down with that sh!t........on the real yo....your lyrics are hot like fire. bringing more heat than that blue flame on a lighter. i aint no lier! all I do is spit truth. i do not need to bring no spoofs. i need not to say no more becuase your words are my proof!

| Posted on 2006-03-31 00:00:00 | by L.i. | [ Reply to This ]

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