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Big Tony

Author: Rastine Aristat
ASL Info:    19/Male/California
Elite Ratio:    8 - 125 /62 /31
Words: 1013
Class/Type: Story /Misc
Total Views: 1021
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Bytes: 5551


Ok, name's a bit unorriginal, but hey, what are you going to do. I personally liked the guy, right up until the end. Don't think I'd like to have his wife though...anyhow, feel free to let me know what you think...and rip it apart if you want doesn't matter.

Big Tony

Big Tony drove the car out to the old McGee place in the new Suburban. He peaked the needle at 45mph the whole time. He could feel the anticipation building as he drew near to it. His wife had called him from about an hour past and told him to meet her in the deserted building. He had packed up thinking something might be wrong. He had wanted to leave immediately, but since Vanessa, his wife for the last two years, had their car, he had to stop buy the Cheep Rent Auto before he could leave town. He had heard that Marty had had a thing for his wife, and hopped that he wasn’t giving sweet Vanessa any trouble. “Stop that,” he whispered to himself. “You know you don’t have any room to hope, things will be or they won’t, it’s your job to take care of what is, not hope against what may be. Besides,” he told himself staunchly, “It wouldn’t do you no good anyhow. You saw where hoping got you last time, so just keep your eyes on the road, the McGee place should only be about 15minutes away.”

At his own reprimanding, the big man’s attention snapped back to the road, looking to it, and yet past it. Past the blurring yellow lines, past the blurring pines, past the other drivers. His attention honed in onto where the McGee place was. His beady eyes scanned the opposite side of the road, waiting for the dirt road which he knew was sure to come sooner or later. When his gaze fell across the break in the sentinels he clicked on his turn signal. Without stopping, he turned into the driveway, cutting off a new Mustang.

Click. Thunk. The gears shifted into four wheel drive. Roots jutted under wheels, a few even managing to connect with the metal frame in an ugly scraping sound. When he got to the deadfall, he killed the engine and hopped out of the car. He carried his hulking frame in a motion more akin to a lumbering bear than a walking man to the back of the car. He popped the back doors to reveal what now passed as trunk space. In it was a few things that he kept with him at all times: a shovel, jumper cables, toolbox, jack. He discredited all of these items as his hamfist clutched the Heckler & Koch 9mm. He loaded it, strapped it onto a shoulder holster and began over the deadfall with balance not natural to such a behemoth.

Up the road he marched, ready to defend his wife, or charge to her rescue. Ahead lay the long abandoned cabin that had belonged to Old Man McGee when he was just a kid. He didn’t remember the man, other than on his occasional trip into town, he would invariably target the children with the cane which he clutched in his right hand. And, with lightning quick hands, he would invariably strike the delinquents and send them home in a silent reverence, well, at least until they were out of earshot, at which point they would always bicker amongst one another about the unjust, old man, and his haunted abode.

As he approached the door, his meaty fingers rapped most heavily upon the portal. “Vanessa, honey!” He called. “You in there, dear?” No answer followed his inquiry, so he repeated his question more forcefully. “Vanessa, are you in there?” Again no reply answered from the darkened house. He fumbled with the handle to find that it wasn’t locked. He stepped in, and from the next room he heard a gentle rustling sound.

Tony tried his best to conceal his heavy footfalls, but to no avail. Although failure was not going to stop him from trying. He stepped slowly, each step taking mere seconds, but between the beat of his steps, the house felt devoid of life. He paused a moment to listen. He could now hear a faint moaning sound accompanying the original softly slinking rustle. He followed it once more until he came to a wooden door which stood ajar. The moaning had grown louder, and now sounded more like bestial shrieks of rage than the sedated monotonous moan. Also, he noted that over the slinking could be heard a sort of squeaking sound, like an old hinge. He derw the Heckler & Koch and pushed the door open.

When he stepped from the gloom into the brightly lit room he stopped dead in his tracks. He looked into the icy blue eyes of his fair Vanessa, her auburn locks flowing around her round, exposed breasts. The shock of carrot hair connected to the hands running over her perfect body no doubt belonged to that bastard, Marty. As he leveled the gun, he realized that his wife had already stopped her wild, orgasmic cries. Something new, yet no less bestial contorted her face into a vile sneer. In her ivory hand was clasped something that shimmered in the light. He raised the pistol but was met by an explosion from his wife’s clenched fist.

Bang! He looked at his wife, the treacherous whore who he had married, and, as his vision faded to black, he couldn’t bring himself to hate her.

As she watched her husband fall to the ground with a muffled “thud”, she went back to her wild sex with Marty, her nails digging into his shoulders. After all, she had used him as an instrument of death, so it was only fair that she finish pleasing him. When he had climaxed inside of her, she got off of him, and lay there for a few moments as he got dressed. When he began to step out of the door, she rose and leveled the Derringer at the back of Marty’s head. She had warned him that he would never be able to tell anybody about their experience, and besides, the Don had said that both men had to die.

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  Wow.....very Godfather-ish. This is interesting to read. You think all along that Marty and Venessa are going to be having sex. But in the end it is all just a thing that the Don wanted. I would love to read more of this kind of work from you. It could use a little bit of gramatical work at the beginning. Other than that I like it. I really like how naive Big Tony is and how in control his wife is. It is just a big circus and he is jumping through the hoops for her. It is wonderful. I smiled because of my morbid humor. Thanks for the read.
| Posted on 2006-04-18 00:00:00 | by Briannan | [ Reply to This ]

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