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Title of PieceProse or Poetry
`Sez You'Poetry
The Free-Selector's DaughterPoetry
Out BackPoetry
The Drover's SweetheartPoetry
The GhostPoetry
Australian Bards And Bush ReviewersPoetry
`For 'ard'Poetry
The Poets Of The TombPoetry
Marshall 's MatePoetry
After AllPoetry
The Cambaroora StarPoetry
The Song And The SighPoetry
A Prouder Man Than YouPoetry
Dan , The WreckPoetry
WhenTthe Children Come HomePoetry
Peter Anderson And Co.Poetry
Since ThenPoetry
The Roaring DaysPoetry
The Shame of Going BackPoetry
Cameron 's HeartPoetry
The TeamsPoetry
The Fire At Ross's FarmPoetry
Mount BukarooPoetry
Eurunderee Poetry
The City BushmanPoetry
The Blue MountainsPoetry
Knocked UpPoetry
Up The CountryPoetry
Faces In The StreetPoetry
Cherry - Tree InnPoetry
Corny BillPoetry
The Song Of Old Joe SwallowPoetry
The Great Grey PlainPoetry
The Star of AustralasiaPoetry
Ben DugganPoetry
The Wreck Of The `Derry Castle'Poetry
When The `Army' Prays For WattyPoetry
Taking His ChancePoetry
The Ballad Of The DroverPoetry
In The Days When The World Was WidePoetry
Middleton 's RouseaboutPoetry
Sweeney Poetry
The VagabondPoetry
The Shanty On The RisePoetry
The Glass On The BarPoetry
Past Carin'Poetry
The Sliprails and the SpurPoetry
Trooper CampbellPoetry
Jack Dunn of NevertirePoetry
Andy 's Gone With CattlePoetry
To An Old MatePoetry
Middleton's RouseaboutPoetry
Andy's Gone With CattlePoetry
The Ballad Of The Droverpoem
Faces In The Streetpoem
Middleton's Rouseaboutpoem
Andy's Gone With Cattlepoem
The Sliprails And The Spurpoem
The Teamspoem
Henry Lawson Biography