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Title of PieceProse or Poetry
The Ballad Of Reading GaolPoetry
Humanitad Poetry
Tędium VitęPoetry
My VoicePoetry
Her VoicePoetry
Silentium AmorisPoetry
Quia Multum AmaviPoetry
Apologia Poetry
At VeronaPoetry
Le ReveillonPoetry
Panthea Poetry
Camma Poetry
Queen Henrietta MariaPoetry
Portia Poetry
Phźdre Poetry
Fabien Dei FranchiPoetry
By The ArnoPoetry
The Grave Of ShelleyPoetry
Impression Du VoyagePoetry
A VisionPoetry
Santa DeccaPoetry
Amor IntellectualisPoetry
The Dole Of The King's DaughterPoetry
Ballade De MargueritePoetry
In The Gold RoomPoetry
Theocritus Poetry
The Grave Of KeatsPoetry
Impressions II. La Fuite De La LunePoetry
Impressions I. Les SilhouettesPoetry
Charmides Poetry
Chanson Poetry
La Bella Donna Della Mia MentePoetry
Endymion Poetry
Serenade Poetry
Athanasia Poetry
Magdalen WalksPoetry
Impression Du MatinPoetry
The Burden Of ItysPoetry
The New HelenPoetry
Madonna MiaPoetry
Vita NuovaPoetry
E TenebrisPoetry
Easter DayPoetry
Sonnet On Hearing The Dies Ira Sung In The Sistine ChapelPoetry
Urbs Sacra ĘternaPoetry
Rome UnvisitedPoetry
Sonnet Written In Holy Week At GenoaPoetry
Italia Poetry
Ava Maria Plena GratiaPoetry
San MiniatoPoetry
Sonnet On Approaching ItalyPoetry
Requiescat Poetry
The Garden Of ErosPoetry
Theoretikos Poetry
Libertatis Sacra FamesPoetry
Quantum MutataPoetry
Sonnet Poetry
Louis NapoleonPoetry
To MiltonPoetry
Ave ImperatrixPoetry
Sonnet To LibertyPoetry
Helas !Poetry
Impression Du Voyagepoem
Magdalen Walkspoem
The Ballad Of Reading Gaolpoem
The Garden Of Erospoem
Silentium Amorispoem
Impression Du Matinpoem
The Grave Of Keatspoem
Easter Daypoem
Her Voicepoem
Oscar Wilde Biography