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As You Came from the Holy Land Analysis

Author: Poetry of Sir Walter Ralegh Type: Poetry Views: 290

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1As you came from the holy land
2Of Walsingham,
3Met you not with my true love
4By the way as you came?

5"How shall I know your true love,
6That have met many one,
7I went to the holy land,
8That have come, that have gone?"

9She is neither white, nor brown,
10But as the heavens fair;
11There is none hath a form so divine
12In the earth, or the air.

13"Such a one did I meet, good sir,
14Such an angelic face,
15Who like a queen, like a nymph, did appear
16By her gait, by her grace."

17She hath left me here all alone,
18All alone, as unknown,
19Who sometimes did me lead with herself,
20And me loved as her own.

21"What's the cause that she leaves you alone,
22And a new way doth take,
23Who loved you once as her own,
24And her joy did you make?"

25I have lov'd her all my youth;
26But now old, as you see,
27Love likes not the falling fruit
28From the withered tree.

29Know that Love is a careless child,
30And forgets promise past;
31He is blind, he is deaf when he list,
32And in faith never fast.

33His desire is a dureless content,
34And a trustless joy:
35He is won with a world of despair,
36And is lost with a toy.

37Of womenkind such indeed is the love,
38Or the word love abus'd,
39Under which many childish desires
40And conceits are excus'd.

41But true love is a durable fire,
42In the mind ever burning,
43Never sick, never old, never dead,
44From itself never turning.


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