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Before I got my eye put out Analysis

Author: poem of Emily Dickinson Type: poem Views: 20

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Before I got my eye put out
I liked as well to see—
As other Creatures, that have Eyes
And know no other way—

But were it told to me—Today—
That I might have the sky
For mine—I tell you that my Heart
Would split, for size of me—

The Meadows—mine—
The Mountains—mine—
All Forests—Stintless Stars—
As much of Noon as I could take
Between my finite eyes—

The Motions of the Dipping Birds—
The Morning's Amber Road—
For mine—to look at when I liked—
The News would strike me dead—

So safer—guess—with just my soul
Upon the Window pane—
Where other Creatures put their eyes—
Incautious—of the Sun—


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Существа " могут представлять других людей, и зависть в некотором смысле , когда первый человек испорчен .
Тот человек, который испорчен получает все, и второй сет , человек находит любовь . В третьем сете , человек пытается сказать , что они не знали, что "навсегда" был , пока они не нашли эту любовь .
" Движениями окунания птиц" означает идти через движения , никогда на самом деле не получить в любом месте , ничего нового .
" Утренний Янтарный путь " означает новый большой запах / путь
" Для mineto смотреть на , когда мне x ударит меня мертвым " означает, что человек притягивается к другому человеку .
Последняя часть может означать вдаваясь в heavean , наслаждаясь смертью , или имеющие лучшее время своей жизни , что его сравнивают с небесной величайшая вещь .
" Sushchestva " mogut predstavlyat' drugikh lyudey, i zavist' v nekotorom smysle , kogda pervyy chelovek isporchen .
Tot chelovek, kotoryy isporchen poluchayet vse, i vtoroy set , chelovek nakhodit lyubov' . V tret'yem sete , chelovek pytayetsya skazat' , chto oni ne znali, chto "navsegda" byl , poka oni ne nashli etu lyubov' .
" Dvizheniyami okunaniya ptits" oznachayet idti cherez dvizheniya , nikogda na samom dele ne poluchit' v lyubom meste , nichego novogo .
" Utrenniy Yantarnyy put' " oznachayet novyy bol'shoy zapakh / put'
" Dlya mineto smotret' na , kogda mne ponravilos'
Novosti udarit menya mertvym " oznachayet, chto chelovek prityagivayetsya k drugomu cheloveku .
Poslednyaya chast' mozhet oznachat' vdavayas' v heavean , naslazhdayas' smert'yu , ili imeyushchiye luchsheye vremya svoyey zhizni , chto yego sravnivayut s nebesnoy velichayshaya veshch' .

| Posted on 2016-03-10 | by a guest

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She lost her sense of vision, her most valuable sense, when she died, not her literal eyes.
She enjoyed seeing just as much as other creatures enjoy seeing that know nothing else about the world.
If she were told today that she could have the entire sky it would break her heart because it would be so overwhelming.
Everything in nature that she liked to look at, she would miss because only her soul can see them now.
She recalls everything she did in life and is sorrowful.
Now just her soul at the window pane looks upon natures beauty.

| Posted on 2011-02-18 | by a guest

.: :.

"Creatures" could represent other people, and envy in a sense where the 1st person is spoiled.
That person who is spoiled gets everything and second set, the person finds love. In the third set, the person is trying to say that they didn't know what "forever" was until they've found this love.
"The Motions of the Dipping Birds" means going through the motions, never really getting anywhere, nothing new.
"The Morning's Amber Road" means great new smell/way
"For mineto look at when I liked
The News would strike me dead" means that the person is attracted to another person.
The last part could mean going into heavean, enjoying death, or having the best time of their life that it is compared to heaven-the greatest thing.

| Posted on 2008-08-18 | by a guest

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