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Said darling daughter unto me:
"oh Dad, how funny it would be
If you had gone to Mexico
A score or so of years ago.
Had not some whimsey changed your plan
I might have been a Mexican.
With lissome form and raven hair,
Instead of being fat and fair.

"Or if you'd sailed the Southern Seas
And mated with a Japanese
I might have been a squatty girl
With never golden locks to curl,
Who flirted with a painted fan,
And tinkled on a samisan,
And maybe slept upon a mat -
I'm very glad I don't do that.

"When I consider the romance
Of all your youth of change and chance
I might, I fancy, just as well
Have bloomed a bold Tahitian belle,
Or have been born . . . but there - ah no!
I draw the line - and Esquimeaux.
It scares me stiff to think of what
I might have been - thank God! I'm not."

Said I: "my dear, don't be absurd,
Since everything that has occurred,
Through seeming fickle in your eyes,
Could not a jot be otherwise.
For in this casual cosmic biz
The world can be but what it is;
And nobody can dare deny
Part of this world is you and I.

Or call it fate or destiny
No other issue could there be.
Though half the world I've wandered through
Cause and effect have linked us two.
Aye, all the aeons of the past
Conspired to bring us here at last,
And all I ever chanced to do
Inevitably led to you.

To you, to make you what you are,
A maiden in a Morris car,
IN Harris tweeds, an airedale too,
But Anglo-Saxon through and through.
And all the good and ill I've done
In every land beneath the sun
Magnificently led to this -
A country cottage and - your kiss."


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I can't afford the NYT aomnyre but from years of reading it, I can predict that the comments will be uninformed to mean. You will find the just eat less, exercise more crowd and the you disgusting pig, look at yourself crowd. There is also the I did it so anyone can group. The statistics show that even very large people die only a few STATISTICAL weeks sooner of course, no statistic relates to an actual person. I have been fat all my life except for losing the 100 lbs twice for about six weeks each time before it climbed back on. I hate going to the doctor because nothing will be addressed except the um..elephant in the room. It's not like there is a proved way to lose weight and keep it off and fat people are just insisting on not using it. We can reroute our guts inside, take shakily tested pills that make us poop our pants, drink weird shakes for every meal, eat veggies only, don't eat white food, ingest someone else's urine, etc etc. And guess what our wonderful, adaptable human bodies find a way to soldier on in lieu of food. Sooo walk if you still can and try to find another focus. x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

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. I want to rephrase an exercpt for discussion: Those who believe in [God] attribute their success to [Him]. When they are not successful, they think that they just didn't [have enough faith.] This seems to be a common view in many Christian churches, and people bear testimony often of this principle . According to scripture there is truth in saying all that is good comes from God , but doesn't the rephrase also denote that if something doesn't work right, it wasn't from God? Could it be that the rephrase is rephrased wrong, and that the first part should be, Those who believe in God attribute their success to [their faith in Him]?

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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