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Good-Night Analysis

Author: poem of Percy Bysshe Shelley Type: poem Views: 24

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Good-night? ah! no; the hour is ill
Which severs those it should unite;
Let us remain together still,
Then it will be good night.

How can I call the lone night good,
Though thy sweet wishes wing its flight?
Be it not said, thought, understood --
Then it will be -- good night.

To hearts which near each other move
From evening close to morning light,
The night is good; because, my love,
They never say good-night.


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What concerns me is the need to thasrh the straw dogs of God and Literalness as all of religion when there are many religions with no god, and still more that do not insist that their teachings are an encyclopedia of objective reality.Most honest religions (or the honest groups opposed to the frauds claiming their religions) speak of human's relationship to each other and relation/respect for the natural world. Tied up as a single idea, scientific methods have little to offer, and none before recent history. There are indeed con men and fundamentalists who are ignorant and thoughtless in their insistence on a shallow and barren magical reality, but joining them in agreement in defining religion in such an ignorant way, with the single exception of disagreement over accuracy of misinterpretation. x x

| Posted on 2014-03-06 | by a guest

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Concerning self-evidence of God: notice that I didn’t ruefte your point, but accepted it, and then provided a reasonable answer to it by appealing to a doctrine of the fall. This, at least, is how Christianity answers this question. If you see some way in which this doesn’t resolve the issue, then please do share it. Wow, are you seriously invoking the biblical account of the fall at the same time you have been arguing a logically derived deistic belief in a god? Is that actually your position (the fall is why god's existence is no longer self evident to all humans), or are you just throwing it out without actually claiming it as your position, because it's not really clear. and I certainly should not have assumed familiarity with these arguments I had in mind, as most people, especially on blogs such as this, haven’t a clue, and that’s fair enough. You almost seemed to grasp my point earlier in that paragraph and then apparently missed it entirely. Even if you knew your audience was fully familiar with those arguments, why should they assume you are claiming those particular arguments for support when you didn't reference them? I've heard numerous people make very much the same statements as you have, and many of them have claimed completely different (and sometimes mutually exclusive) support for their positions. I apologize, I have been condescending in part, and this is probably thanks to my frustration with people who cannot take good arguments seriously. That's the most disingenuous apology I've heard in a long time. You didn't even wait until the next sentence to continue the condescension for which you were purporting to apologize for, a condescension that reeks in nearly every paragraph you wrote. I apologize to you if I have seemed condescending to you – though there can be no excuse for this behavior, do you think perhaps you might have made my time easier if you were not so dismissive? Again, couldn't you at least wait until the next sentence before you show your insincerity? You should have ended with a full stop period after behavior . In response to your question, I seriously doubt it. You don't seem to be able or willing to not show the obvious contempt you hold for those you appear to consider your intellectual inferiors. I could respond with the same degree of veiled contempt and arrogance as you have, or I could just continue to be what you consider dismissive and advise you to make a compelling, well reasoned and supported argument that isn't so easily dismissed. I hope in future that if you decide to respond again, and continue conversation with me, the tone of it might be more cordial. Well, you're really not doing anything to help foster that. Though you don't seem to think so, I think I've been quite cordial, at least until this comment, and frankly, I'm still being fairly civil.

| Posted on 2014-03-04 | by a guest

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