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Sentimental Moment Or Why Did The Baguette Cross The Road? Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Hershon Type: poem Views: 21

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Don't fill up on bread
I say absent-mindedly
The servings here are huge

My son, whose hair may be
receding a bit, says
Did you really just
say that to me?

What he doesn't know
is that when we're walking
together, when we get
to the curb
I sometimes start to reach
for his hand


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Hi Jarie,Great idea of trying to prenest crossover material. I'll have to certainly give that a try. I can see where there may be quite a bit of opportunities in this area and the possibilities could be endless.You've given me some great things to think about. Thanks for such a great post, I enjoyed it!Deb x x

| Posted on 2013-11-16 | by a guest

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"Let them copy. My ideas belong to enevyore." Ha, that makes me laugh. These days the Chanel Company would sue your ass off. Heaven forbid anyone should use the names "Coco" or "Chanel" even though many people are named such. And for some reason, the impression is given, that perhaps they believe they have proprietary rights to the numeral "5" and the letter "C". Shouldn't they consider the taste and attitudes of Coco Chanel and her own personal acceptance of the "interpreters." Lagerfeld designs for H & M, so what is the problem?Square with Flair

| Posted on 2013-11-15 | by a guest

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Thank you so much for posting this wnoredful essay. It's helped me so much with putting mine together. I am using one particular scene from my childhood the body reads like a story really and I'm flanking the body with an intro that explains me, and what writing means to me, and the ending is still a WIP.I love the idea of submitting two short stories instead of 30 pages of a novel!! My short stories are much stronger right now than my first novel in progress and it's been really stressing me out. I'm going to call my school to see if this is acceptable with them. If it is, I'll submit two short stories and I've got you to thank!!My the force be with you!Love,Amy x x

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

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When Max was around 9 or so, ( and my mnatel equal .he has long surpassed me) and had the usual gang of neighbor kids over, I asked them if they would like to see how many kisses I could put in my mouth at once. Don't remember the number, but it was a lot and the kids were all struck. Those years, his tween years when he was old enough for some off color jokes, yet not embarrassed by me, are treasured in my memory. I was the funny mom then. I put the neighbor kids in the dog crate ( one at a time of course). When I picked max and friends up at school in 7th grade, I talked only with a British accent. When we bought a batch of bananas I would hold it up to my crotch and say I'm a mutant come to think of it, I still do the banana thing. I wanted laughter and silliness to fill my son's life. And mine. And Scott's. Even though I had sad events litter my childhood, I developed a sharp sense of humor. From the most asinine to the wittiest satire. I wanted to bring laughter to my family of origin, then my friends, and ultimately my own family.

| Posted on 2013-11-11 | by a guest

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My second best juonral: This poem means, to me, that you should be grateful. Take everything in a positive manner. Don't be so negative. People have way less than you. Don't look at the people that have more than you. What more do you actually NEED in life? You have a lot. Food, clothes, healthcare, family that loves and cares about you, loyal friends, and a home. Plus unnecassary items. So why want more and more and be greedy. The art or carrying a cheery smile; if everything goes wrong,' to me means, if you can hold down (keep) a smile through the hardest times, it will take so much hard cruel work to get you to not smile. One need not to others such banners fly. If one has the will power to simply try,' to me means, don't say you can't do something if you dont even try. Don't start off negative or you'll never find something to be positive about. If you're upset about nothing, you will end up having to be upest about something. Don't make problems in your life, just fix the ones you already have.

| Posted on 2013-11-10 | by a guest

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