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The Decision Analysis

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Said she: 'Although my husband Jim
     Is with his home content,
I never should have married him,
     We are so different.
Oh yes, I know he loves me well,
     Our children he adores;
But he's so dull, and I rebel
     Against a life that bores.

'Of course there is another man,
     Quite pennyless is he;
And yet with hope and joy we plan
     A home beyond the sea.
Though I forfeit the name of wife
     And neighbours ostracise,
Such happiness will crown our life
     Their censure we'll despise.

'But then what will my children think,
     Whose love is pure and true?'
Said I: 'Your memory will stink
     If they should speak of you.
Your doting Jim will curse your name,
     And if you make a mess
Of life, oh do not in your shame
     Dare hope for happiness.'

Well, still with Jim she lives serene,
     And has of kiddies three.
'Oh what a fool I might have been
     To leave my home,' says she.
'Of course Jim is a priceless bore,
     But he's so sweet to me . . .
Come darling won't you let me pour
     Another cup of tea?'


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x x The unloading and duimnpg of the gun was to separate the character from the action. As soon as he walked away he could be just another employee. Unloading the gun first was to insure that no one picked it up and tried to use it on him as he walked away. Nothing was by accident. It all was thought out. 提起那位張民光先生 x 飛虎雄心 x x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

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I have had the pleasure of kniwong Jim and his work for a couple of decades now, and I have always been thrilled and amazed by his artistry. He has an amazing sense of panel construction and use of black as a color. On top of that, Jim is a very friendly, cool, and unspoiled individual. Ya can't ask for better!

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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