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The Man In The Bowler Hat Analysis

Author: poem of A.S.J. Tessimond Type: poem Views: 14

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I am the unnoticed, the unnoticable man:
The man who sat on your right in the morning train:
The man who looked through like a windowpane:
The man who was the colour of the carriage, the colour of the mounting
Morning pipe smoke.
I am the man too busy with a living to live,
Too hurried and worried to see and smell and touch:
The man who is patient too long and obeys too much
And wishes too softly and seldom.

I am the man they call the nation's backbone,
Who am boneless - playable castgut, pliable clay:
The Man they label Little lest one day
I dare to grow.

I am the rails on which the moment passes,
The megaphone for many words and voices:
I am the graph diagram,
Composite face.

I am the led, the easily-fed,
The tool, the not-quite-fool,
The would-be-safe-and-sound,
The uncomplaining, bound,
The dust fine-ground,
Stone-for-a-statue waveworn pebble-round

Submitted by Stephen Fryer


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I love the rhythm of this poem, as it takes the reader through a hopeless self-realisation, a quickening of anger, and a sinking back to dispair on the last line; and all the way through, the poem is carried on the rhythms of the rail. It draws such a good picture of a London commuter in the 50's. I wonder what stories the poet could draw from our present day commuters?
NB Editor - Line 3 "The man YOU looked through .." and first line last stanza " .. the easily-LED"

| Posted on 2009-12-15 | by a guest

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