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moan... (7) Analysis

Author: poem of e.e. cummings Type: poem Views: 21

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the she of the



der a who

a he a moon a

magic out

of the black this which of

one street leaps quick

squirmthicklying lu

minous night

mare som

e w





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Theoretically if one is infected with Solanum his or her brain might be "changed" as one would call it. Transformed in a way of snesing things we cannot, and considering that the virus creates new tissue and organs on the front of the brain this is a possibility that they could have senses we may of never thought of thus making it extremely difficult to find a way to making us "invisible" to it. And in theory a cure is impossible for the virus because the victim is already dead, the virus is the only thing keeping him/her barely alive. Which means if they are infected or "bitten" then they are already considered dead. If you are bitten in the hand it may be too late and cutting your hand off may not work. But if your bitten in the hand and you cut your entire arm off within probably around 30 seconds without moving your arm in an adrenalin rush for example you may survive if someone is with you keeping you from losing too much blood. But since the zombies brain is "mutated" they may also have higher senses of smell for example and may smell the blood down the hall. So unless Witchcraft or something of that nature is real we cannot bring the "dead" back before their body rots of decay and ask them questions about the virus. So if they are somewhat alive when infected they may realize whats going on and think for them selves but hunger has often proven a powerful enemy, such as cravings and cannot control themselves for very long. And if you believe in Demons from hell this may be an attempt from the Devil to rule over Earth and demons may be controlling the body but since on the other side (hell) meaning they have to meditate for example to control the body then they won't be able or it would be extremely difficult to use but a small percentage of the brain in theory of course. x x

| Posted on 2014-03-04 | by a guest

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At the moment I have been fosicung on getting a good amount of music listeners and lovers on my twitter. I am constantly cleaning it out. I'm not interested in numbers of followers. If I were, I would have probably 10k+ right now. It's always just below 2000 and creeps up slowly. I am also spending a lot of time on my website and the SEO. I'm doing a LOT of work in the background. Placing good backlinks, registering my blog with the best directory sites, tweaking keywords e.t.c. It's very good to have a good google ranking or google juice' as they call it.I'm spending a lot of time learning filming and video editing. Youtube is crucial right now. Kids and many people go there first now to look for music. This is proven. I'm working on getting more quality videos of me playing live in the studio and I'm working on two videos for the songs and other things like tutorial videos which bring a lot of traffic to your channel which can turn into fans.I've tried getting a street team' going with zero success. Nobody really signs up to it and the one's that do, ignore the email. The reverbnation email newsletters I think have reached saturation point with people. They don't even open them anymore, they get that many of them. It's a big part of chart placement too on reverbnation. I see artists getting so desperate they are putting the subject line as EMERGENCY' or something similar. That will just piss people off. I'm trying to do this all ethically. I know I'm not good at selling myself. Unfortunately, it is not one of my skills. I'm just trying the best I can. I'm learning everyday. That is why I have got a PR company involved to give a little helping push.I've just started finding and introducing myself to relevant blogs. The PR company will be doing a lot of that also. That is also very important right now as you know. I'm confident that people will like my music. I'm also expecting people to not like it too. I'm ready for that. I'm not shying away from bad reviews. I actively encourage them. It means someone cared enough to write about it.As for sites that work, There is only reverbnation, youtube and soundcloud that are working for me right now. I heard purevolume was big in the states but my profile and music on there is tumbleweeds.I now refuse to enter any competitions due to most of them being borderline fraudulent. The same thing with music submission'. The new Pay To Play'. It's costs me enough to do the music and keep everything going. I'm not paying $50 to some failed A&R person to tell me what I already know. I earn zero back right now. I'm sick of snakes trying to take thousands from me for black hat bullshit that I could do myself if I wanted to be a fake.It's going to be a long, hard and expensive road. It already is and has been. I'm not deluded. If I didn't believe in my music, I would get a real job. I can't remember what it was like having money in my pocket.I just have to see this through ..

| Posted on 2014-03-03 | by a guest

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| Posted on 2014-03-03 | by a guest

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