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The Ballad Of Hank The Finn Analysis

Author: Poetry of Robert Service Type: Poetry Views: 73

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Bar-Room BalladsNow Fireman Flynn met Hank the Finn where lights of Lust-land glow;

"Let's leave," says he, "the lousy sea, and give the land a show.

I'm fed up to the molar mark with wallopin' the brine;

I feel the bloody barnacles a-carkin' on me spine.

Let's hit the hard-boiled North a crack, where creeks are paved with gold."

"You count me in," says Hank the Finn. "Ay do as Ay ban told."And so they sought the Lonely Land and drifted down its stream,

Where sunny silence round them spanned, as dopey as a dream.

But to the spell of flood and fell their gold-grimed eyes were blind;

By pine and peak they paused to seek, but nothing did they find;

No yellow glint of dust to mint, just mud and mocking sand,

And a hateful hush that seemed to crush them down on every hand.

Till Fireman Flynn grew mean as sin, and cursed his comrade cold,

But Hank the Finn would only grin, and . . . do as he was told.Now Fireman Flynn had pieces ten of yellow Yankee gold,

Which every night he would invite his partner to behold.

"Look hard," says he; "It's all you'll see in this god-blasted land;

But you fret, I'm gonna let you hold them i your hand.

Yeah! Watch 'em gleam, then go and


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