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The Meadow Analysis

Author: Poetry of Kate Knapp Johnson Type: Poetry Views: 178

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Wind Somewhere, and Shade2001Half the day lost, staring

at this window. I wanted to know

just one true thingabout the soul, but I left thinking

for thought, and now -

two inches of snow have fallenover the meadow. Where did I go,

how long was I out looking

for you?, who would never leave me,

my withness, my here.


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.: poetry :.

The speaker sits looking out the window and the reader gets the impression that a great amount of time is passing slowly. This is emphasized by the snow that has fallen during that time. The speaker seems to be looking for a deeper truth, something beyond his or her basic obsevations. However, he or she is unable to find it (" left thinking for thought). This paradoxical line could have many meanings but in my opinion it signifies how weary his or her mind is of pondering the incomprehensible. This leads to the conclusion that although allowing your mind to wander is one of the only possible ways to come to the higher truth that you seeks, it is best to just take what is always with you (your witness) simply as a part of you and not cause yourself additional heartache.

| Posted on 2008-05-13 | by a guest

.: The Meadow :.

I think the girl in the poem wasted half the day staring and daydreaming out the window. Originally, she had only wanted to think about one thing/conflict, but she ended up letting her mind wander.
Maybe she is dwelling over her soul like if there is suffering or internal conflict. Snow could be a metaphorical thing, like something cold and depressing over her heart.
Also maybe she got lost in her soul looking for her true love.

| Posted on 2008-05-07 | by a guest

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