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Salmon Analysis

Author: Poetry of Jorie Graham Type: Poetry Views: 125

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I watched them once, at dusk, on television, run,

in our motel room half-way through

Nebraska, quick, glittering, past beauty, past

the importance of beauty.,


not even hungry, not even endangered, driving deeper and deeper

into less. They leapt up falls, ladders,

and rock, tearing and leaping, a gold river,

and a blue river traveling

in opposite directions.

They would not stop, resolution of will

and helplessness, as the eye

is helpless

when the image forms itself, upside-down, backward,

driving up into

the mind, and the world

unfastens itself

from the deep ocean of the given. . .Justice, aspen

leaves, mother attempting

suicide, the white night-flying moth

the ants dismantled bit by bit and carried in

right through the crack

in my wall. . . .How helpless

the still pool is,


awaiting the gold blade

of their hurry. Once, indoors, a child,

I watched, at noon, through slatted wooden blinds,

a man and woman, naked, eyes closed,

climb onto each other,

on the terrace floor,

and ride--two gold currents

wrapping round and round each other, fastening,

unfastening. I hardly knew

what I saw. Whatever shadow there was in that world

it was the one each cast

onto the other,

the thin black seam

they seemed to be trying to work away

between them. I held my breath.

as far as I could tell, the work they did

with sweat and light

was good. I'd say

they traveled far in opposite

directions. What is the light

at the end of the day, deep, reddish-gold, bathing the walls,

the corridors, light that is no longer light, no longer clarifies,

illuminates, antique, freed from the body of

that air that carries it. What is it

for the space of time

where it is useless, merely

beautiful? When they were done, they made a distance

one from the other

and slept, outstretched,

on the warm tile

of the terrace floor,

smiling, faces pressed against the stone.


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