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The Chance To Love Everything Analysis

Author: Poetry of Mary Oliver Type: Poetry Views: 170

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All summer I made friendswith the creatures nearby ---

they flowed through the fields

and under the tent walls,

or padded through the door,grinning through their many teeth,looking for seeds,

suet, sugar; muttering and humming,opening the breadbox, happiest when

there was milk and music. But once

in the night I heard a soundoutside the door, the canvasbulged slightly ---something

was pressing inward at eye level.

I watched, trembling, sure I had heard

the click of claws, the smack of lips

outside my gauzy house ---

I imagined the red eyes,the broad tongue, the enormous lap.Would it be friendly too?

Fear defeated me. And yet,

not in faith and not in madnessbut with the courage I thought

my dream deserved,

I stepped outside. It was gone.

Then I whirled at the sound of some

shambling tonnage.

Did I see a black haunch slipping

back through the trees? Did I see

the moonlight shining on it?

Did I actually reach out my arms

toward it, toward paradise falling, like

the fading of the dearest, wildest hope ---

the dark heart of the story that is all

the reason for its telling?


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