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Moon Fishing Analysis

Author: Poetry of Lisel Mueller Type: Poetry Views: 188

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Dependencies1998When the moon was full they came to the water.

some with pitchforks, some with rakes,

some with sieves and ladles,

and one with a silver cup.And they fished til a traveler passed them and said,


to catch the moon you must let your women

spread their hair on the water --

even the wily moon will leap to that bobbing

net of shimmering threads,

gasp and flop till its silver scales

lie black and still at your feet."And they fished with the hair of their women

till a traveler passed them and said,


do you think the moon is caught lightly,

with glitter and silk threads?

You must cut out your hearts and bait your hooks

with those dark animals;

what matter you lose your hearts to reel in your dream?"And they fished with their tight, hot hearts

till a traveler passed them and said,


what good is the moon to a heartless man?

Put back your hearts and get on your knees

and drink as you never have,

until your throats are coated with silver

and your voices ring like bells."And they fished with their lips and tongues

until the water was gone

and the moon had slipped away

in the soft, bottomless mud.


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