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Contemplation Of The Sword Analysis

Author: Poetry of Robinson Jeffers Type: Poetry Views: 222

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1938Reason will not decide at last; the sword will decide.

The sword: an obsolete instrument of bronze or steel,formerly used to kill men, but here

In the sense of a symbol. The sword: that is: the stormsand counter-storms of general destruction; killingof men,

Destruction of all goods and materials; massacre, more orless intentional, of children and women;

Destruction poured down from wings, the air made accomplice,the innocent air

Perverted into assasin and poisoner.The sword: that is: treachery and cowardice, incrediblebaseness, incredible courage, loyalties, insanities.

The sword: weeping and despair, mass-enslavement,mass-tourture, frustration of all hopes

That starred man's forhead. Tyranny for freedom, horror forhappiness, famine for bread, carrion for children.

Reason will not decide at last, the sword will decide.Dear God, who are the whole splendor of things and the sacredstars, but also the cruelty and greed, the treacheries

And vileness, insanities and filth and anguish: now that thisthing comes near us again I am finding it hard

To praise you with a whole heart.

I know what pain is, but pain can shine. I know what death is,I have sometimes

Longed for it. But cruelty and slavery and degredation,pestilence, filth, the pitifulness

Of men like hurt little birds and animals . . . if you wereonly

Waves beating rock, the wind and the iron-cored earth,

With what a heart I could praise your beauty.

You will not repent, nor cancel life, nor free man from anguish

For many ages to come. You are the one that tortures himself todiscover himself: I am

One that watches you and discovers you, and praises you in littleparables, idyl or tragedy, beautiful

Intolerable God.

The sword: that is:

I have two sons whom I love. They are twins, they were bornin nineteen sixteen, which seemed to us a dark year

Of a great war, and they are now of the age

That war prefers. The first-born is like his mother, he is sobeautiful

That persons I hardly know have stopped me on the street tospeak of the grave beauty of the boy's face.

The second-born has strength for his beauty; when he stripsfor swimming the hero shoulders and wrestler loins

Make him seem clothed. The sword: that is: loathsome disfigurements,blindness, mutilation, locked lips of boys

Too proud to scream.

Reason will not decide at last: the sword will decide.


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