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Song For The Rainy Season Analysis

Author: Poetry of Elizabeth Bishop Type: Poetry Views: 234

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Questions of Travel1955Hidden, oh hiddenin the high fogthe house we live in,beneath the magnetic rock,rain-, rainbow-ridden,where blood-blackbromelias, lichens,owls, and the lintof the waterfalls cling,familiar, unbidden.In a dim ageof waterthe brook sings loudfrom a rib cageof giant fern; vaporclimbs up the thick growtheffortlessly, turns back,holding them both,house and rock,in a private cloud.At night, on the roof,blind drops crawland the ordinary brownowl gives us proofhe can count:five times--always five--he stamps and takes offafter the fat frogs that,shrilling for love,clamber and mount.House, open houseto the white dewand the milk-white sunrisekind to the eyes,to membershipof silver fish, mouse,bookworms,big moths; with a wallfor the mildew'signorant map;darkened and tarnishedby the warm touchof the warm breath,maculate, cherished;rejoice! For a laterera will differ.(O difference that killsor intimidates, muchof all our small shadowylife!) Without waterthe great rock will stareunmagnetized, bare,no longer wearingrainbows or rain,the forgiving airand the high fog gone;the owls will move onand the severalwaterfalls shrivelin the steady sun.


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