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Roofs Analysis

Author: Poetry of Joyce Kilmer Type: Poetry Views: 300

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(For Amelia Josephine Burr)

The road is wide and the stars are out

and the breath of the night is sweet,

And this is the time when wanderlust should seize upon my feet.

But I'm glad to turn from the open road and the starlight on my face,

And to leave the splendour of out-of-doors for a human dwelling place.

I never have seen a vagabond who really liked to roam

All up and down the streets of the world and not to have a home:

The tramp who slept in your barn last night and left at break of day

Will wander only until he finds another place to stay.

A gypsy-man will sleep in his cart with canvas overhead;

Or else he'll go into his tent when it is time for bed.

He'll sit on the grass and take his ease so long as the sun is high,

But when it is dark he wants a roof to keep away the sky.

If you call a gypsy a vagabond, I think you do him wrong,

For he never goes a-travelling but he takes his home along.

And the only reason a road is good, as every wanderer knows,

Is just because of the homes, the homes, the homes to which it goes.

They say that life is a highway and its milestones are the years,

And now and then there's a toll-gate where you buy your way with tears.

It's a rough road and a steep road and it stretches broad and far,

But at last it leads to a golden Town where golden Houses are.


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Itís about someone who likes to travel; but they love their home the most. They talk about other people, who travel, but every one of them wants a place to stay at night, they all want a home.
The poem talks about the gypsies who travel all over the world but never leave their homes. They take their homes everywhere with them. Everyone wants a home, no matter who they are. In the end, everyone ends up home with there maker.

| Posted on 2009-05-14 | by a guest

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