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The Rains Analysis

Author: Poetry of Philip Levine Type: Poetry Views: 90

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The river risesand the rains keep coming.My Papa saysit can't flood forthe water can runaway as fast asit comes down. I believehim because he's Papaand because I'm afraidofwater I know I can't stop.All day in school Isee the windows darken,and hearing the steady drumof rain, I wonderif it wil1 ever stopand how can I get home.It did not flood.I cannot now rememberhow I got home.I recall only that the housewas dark and cold, and I wentfrom room to room callingout the namesof all those I lived withand no one answered. For a timeI thought the waters had sweptthem out to seaand this was all I had. At lastI heard the door openingdownstairs and my brotherstamping his wet bootson the mat.Now when the autumn comesI go aloneinto the high mountainsor sometimes with my wife,and we walk in silencedown the trailsof pine needlesand hear the windshumming through the branchesthe long dirge of the world.Below us is the worldwe cannot see, have comenot to see, souredwith years of nevergiving enough, darkenedwith oils and fire, the worldwe could have cometo call home.One day the rainwill find us farfrom anything, crossingthe great meadowsthe sun had hidden in.Hand in hand, wewill go forward toward nothingwhile our clothes darkenand our faces streamwith the sweet watersof heaven. Your eyes,suddenly deep and dark in that light,will overflow with joyor sadness, with allyou have no names for.This is who you are.That other life belowwas what you dreamedand I am the man beside you.


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