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PloughsharesFall 1986The big one went to sleep as to die and dreamed he

became a tiny one. So tiny as to have lost all substance. To have

become as theoretical as a point.Then someone said, get up, big one, you're not doing

yourself any good. You puddle and stagnate in your weight.

Best to be up and toward. It irrigates you.What, said the big one, have I not disappeared? Have you

not mistaken a cloud for me? Perhaps some local hill fulfills

your expectation?No, it's no mistake, it's you; those interconnecting puddles

of flesh pulling at your bones, attempting that world-weary fall

toward the great waters of the world.How you manage against gravity is one of the greater

triumphs of nature.Do you think, said the big one, there's a woman who

would like to marry me?Yes, had such a woman done everything in the world except

marry you, she might think it worthy before dying to complete

her catalogue. Or having done everything, go meekly

without decision or care to such a consummation.Then you really feel, said the big one, that this woman

could come to care very deeply for me?All is theoretical. Who knows enough to say the outcome

of any event, save that it was past us, and we saw the back of it

moving slowly into the Universe, seeking other settings to

repeat the fall of fate. . .That sounds wonderful, that a woman like that could be in

love with me, said the big one.But in a few moments the big one was back asleep, dreaming

that he had come to such enlargement that he constituted

all the matter in the Universe, which must include the earth

and the woman he would have loved. . .


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