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A Historical Breakfast Analysis

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A man is bringing a cup of coffee to his face,tilting it to his mouth. It's historical, he thinks.He scratches his head: another historical event.He really ought to rest, he's making an awful lot ofhistory this morning.Oh my, now he's buttering toast, another piece ofhistory is being made.He wonders why it should have fallen on him to beso historical. Others probably just don't have it,he thinks, it is, after all, a talent.He thinks one of his shoelaces needs tying. Oh well,another important historical event is about to takeplace. He just can't help it. Perhaps he's taking uptoo large an area of history? But he has to live, hasn'the? Toast needs buttering and he can't go around withone of his shoelaces needing to be tied, can he?Certainly it's true, when the 20th century gets writtenin full it will be mainly about him. That's the way thecookie crumbles--ah, there's a phrase that'll be quotedfor centuries to come.Self-conscious? A little; how can one help it with allthose yet-to-be-born eyes of the future watching him?Uh oh, he feels another historical event coming . . .Ah, there it is, a cup of coffee approaching his face atthe end of his arm. If only they could catch it on film,how much it would mean to the future. Oops, spilled it allover his lap. One of those historical accidents that willinfluence the next thousand years; unpredictable, andreally rather uncomfortable . . . But history is never easy,he thinks . . .


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