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Parting , The Analysis

Author: Poetry of Anne Brontė Type: Poetry Views: 285

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The chestnut steed stood by the gate

His noble master's will to wait,

The woody park so green and bright

Was glowing in the morning light,

The young leaves of the aspen trees

Were dancing in the morning breeze.

The palace door was open wide,

Its lord was standing there,

And his sweet lady by his side

With soft dark eyes and raven hair.

He smiling took her wary hand

And said, 'No longer here I stand;

My charger shakes his flowing mane

And calls me with impatient neigh.

Adieu then till we meet again,

Sweet love, I must no longer stay.'


'You must not go so soon,' she said,

'I will not say farewell.

The sun has not dispelled the shade

In yonder dewy dell;

Dark shadows of gigantic length

Are sleeping on the lawn;

And scarcely have the birds begun

To hail the summer morn;

Then stay with me a little while,'

She said with soft and sunny smile.


He smiled again and did not speak,

But lightly kissed her rosy cheek,

And fondly clasped her in his arms,

Then vaulted on his steed.

And down the park's smooth winding road

He urged its flying speed.

Still by the door his lady stood

And watched his rapid flight,

Until he came to a distant wood

That hid him from her sight.

But ere he vanished from her view

He waved to her a last adieu,

Then onward hastily he steered

And in the forest disappeared.


The lady smiled a pensive smile

And heaved a gently sigh,

But her cheek was all unblanched the while

And tearless was her eye.

'A thousand lovely flowers,' she said,

'Are smiling on the plain.

And ere one half of them are dead,

My lord will come again.

The leaves are waving fresh and green

On every stately tree,

And long before they die away

He will return to me!' --

Alas! Fair lady, say not so;

Thou canst not tell the weight of woe

That lies in store for thee.


Those flowers will fade, those leaves will fall,

Winter will darken yonder hall;

Sweet spring will smile o'er hill and plain

And trees and flowers will bloom again,

And years will still keep rolling on,

But thy beloved lord is gone.

His absence thou shalt deeply mourn,

And never smile on his return.


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