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The Paradox Analysis

Author: Poetry of John Donne Type: Poetry Views: 453

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No Lover saith, I love, nor any other

Can judge a perfect Lover;

Hee thinkes that else none can, nor will agree

That any loves but hee;

I cannot say I'lov'd. for who can say

Hee was kill'd yesterday?

Lover withh excesse of heat, more yong than old,

Death kills with too much cold;

Wee dye but once, and who lov'd last did die,

Hee that saith twice, doth lye:

For though hee seeme to move, and stirre a while,

It doth the sense beguile.

Such life is like the light which bideth yet

When the lights life is set,

Or like the heat, which fire in solid matter

Leave behinde, two houres after.

Once I lov's and dy'd; and am now become

Mine Epitaph and Tombe.

Here dead men speake their last, and so do I;

Love-slaine, loe, here I lye.


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No lover says that they love, and no one can find/be a perfect lover.
Whoever thinks he is thinks that he is the only one who loves.
I can\'t say that I\'ve loved because it\'s impossible to say anything if you were killed yesterday.
Death kills love\'s heat with cold. (This could be the other way around, though)
We can only die once, so whoever has loved is dead.
If anyone says that he can love twice, he lies.
For, the one (who has loved) and seems to be alive is only a trick on our senses.
The life that he seems to have is only the afterglow of his life,
Like the heat that is left by a fire two hours after it\'s burned out.
I once loved and died and have become my own epitaph and tomb.
I have been slain by love! Here, I die!

| Posted on 2012-03-13 | by a guest

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