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Holy Sonnet XVII: Since She Whom I Loved Analysis

Author: Poetry of John Donne Type: Poetry Views: 1736

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Since she whom I loved hath paid her last debt

To Nature, and to hers, and my good is dead,

And her soul early into heaven ravished,

Wholly on heavenly things my mind is set.

here the admiring her my mind did whet

To seek thee, God; so streams do show the head;

But though I have found thee, and thou my thirst hast fed,

a holy thristy dropsy melts me yet.

But why should I beg more love, whenas thou

Dost woo my soul, for hers offering all thine:

And dost not only fear lest I allow

My love to saints and angels, things divine,

but in they tender jealousy dost doubt

lest the world, flesh, yea, devil put thee out.


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Topic Three: Describe the tone of Francis Bacon’s essay “Of Plantations.” What kind of language does he use to describe plantations, and what is his view of the relation between the planters and the land they cultivate? What does he mean when he writes, “Plantations are amongst ancient, primitive, and heroical works”?

1. Since my love has died
2. All of her debts are paid back to nature, she was the good in my life
3. She died @ a very early age
4. My mind is fixed on the afterlife, where my love is
5. While I was thinking of her I decided to become religious
6. Via steams u find beginning, via her I find God
7. Even though I have found God, my yearning isn't satisfied
8. Another holy yearning spurs me
9. Why should I want more from God, when He
10. He attracts him so much (like she did), offers everything
11. God does not only fear that I will allow
12. My love to angels (like his wife)
13. Jealously stays
14. She means the world to him + flesh=devil + would just out God

most of the words used in the Holy Sonnets are much less slippery; in other words, it is normally safer to take him literally.

| Posted on 2004-11-11 | by Approved Guest

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