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The Flood Analysis

Author: Poetry of John Clare Type: Poetry Views: 100

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On Lolham Brigs in wild and lonely mood

I've seen the winter floods their gambols play

Through each old arch that trembled while I stood

Bent o'er its wall to watch the dashing spray

As their old stations would be washed away

Crash came the ice against the jambs and then

A shudder jarred the arches-yet once more

It breasted raving waves and stood agen

To wait the shock as stubborn as before

- White foam brown crested with the russet soil

As washed from new plough lands would dart beneath

Then round and round a thousand eddies boil

On tother side-then pause as if for breath

One minute-and engulphed-like life in deathWhose wrecky stains dart on the floods away

More swift than shadows in a stormy day

Straws trail and turn and steady-all in vain

The engulfing arches shoot them quickly through

The feather dances flutters and again

Darts through the deepest dangers still afloat

Seeming as faireys whisked it from the view

And danced it o'er the waves as pleasures boat

Light hearted as a thought in May -

Trays-uptorn bushes-fence demolished rails

Loaded with weeds in sluggish motions stray

Like water monsters lost each winds and trails

Till near the arches-then as in affright

It plunges-reels-and shudders out of sightWaves trough-rebound-and fury boil again

Like plunging monsters rising underneath

Who at the top curl up a shaggy main

A moment catching at a surer breath

Then plunging headlong down and down-and on

Each following boil the shadow of the last

And other monsters rise when those are gone

Crest their fringed waves-plunge onward and are past

- The chill air comes around me ocean blea

From bank to bank the waterstrife is spread

Strange birds like snow spots o'er the huzzing sea

Hang where the wild duck hurried past and fled

On roars the flood-all restless to be free

Like trouble wandering to eternity


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For me, it is anything with BACON good, thick, crpisy bacon with a bit of chew and a little sweetness to it yum!And, to showcase it the ultimate (but utterly simple) bacon dish a BLT with a juicy tomato on toasted sourdough perhaps with a bit of chipotle pepper in the mayo double yum! (An aside I was vegetarian for 14 years and could no longer resist the pull of bacon brought me back into the omnivore mode and I'm not looked back most meals are still meat free but well everything in moderation) x x

| Posted on 2013-11-18 | by a guest

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I would have a hard time giving up bacon. I use it as flovraing in so many dishes, and I love the crunch of adding crispy bits on top.I also would have a hard time living without chicken stock as a base for soups and sauces. I have experimented with vegetable broth, but don't find it to be as tasty.I LOVE How to Cook Without A Book, and would love the Meatless version. My mother is a vegetarian, and I always struggle with how to cook for her. (I plan to buy her a copy of the book for the holidays.)

| Posted on 2013-11-15 | by a guest

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It's sort of hard to pick because when you think about it, most of the teen acotrs are either from Disney, Nickelodeon, or grown up to be too old (like Daniel Radcliffe, who's in his 20's now). So I can't really come up with anybody maybe it should be an open audition in obscure cities like, oh, a few in coastal Alabama? winkwink. Although, the guy who plays Murtagh in the Eragon movies might be good for Drak. I really didn't like that movie, but I liked him. Garret Hedlund- that's his name.I read the series, and I'm sixteen, seventeen in October. It's funny, but I've meant to read it for years, but I couldn't afford it in hardcover. So I waited until it came out in paperback and read it. x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

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Oh check out the hairy chest Hehehhee You man you Love em.! Amusing photos.!!!Great photo of you and I didnt even have to post it.!!! lolSee u trmrooow night.!xxx

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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