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They Should Have Provided Analysis

Author: Poetry of C.P. Cavafy Type: Poetry Views: 70

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1930I have almost been reduced to a homeless pauper.

This fatal city, Antioch,

has consumed all my money;

this fatal city with its expensive life.But I am young and in excellent health.

My command of Greek is superb

(I know all there is about Aristotle, Plato;

orators, poets, you name it.)

I have an idea of military affairs,

and have friends among the mercenary chiefs.

I am on the inside of administration as well.

Last year I spent six months in Alexandria;

I have some knowledge (and this is useful) of affairs there:

intentions of the Malefactor, and villainies, et cetera.Therefore I believe that I am fully

qualified to serve this country,

my beloved homeland Syria.In whatever capacity they place me I shall strive

to be useful to the country. This is my intent.

Then again, if they thwart me with their methods --

we know those able people: need we talk about it now?

if they thwart me, I am not to blame.First, I shall apply to Zabinas,

and if this moron does not appreciate me,

I shall go to his rival Grypos.

And if this idiot does not hire me,

I shall go straight to Hyrcanos.One of the three will want me however.And my conscience is not troubled

about not worrying about my choice.

All three harm Syria equally.But, a ruined man, why is it my fault.

Wretched man, I am trying to make ends meet.

The almighty gods should have provided

and created a fourth, good man.

Gladly would I have joined him.


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