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Severed and Gone Analysis

Author: Poetry of Anne Brontė Type: Poetry Views: 212

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Severed and gone, so many years!

And art thou still so dear to me,

That throbbing heart and burning tears

Can witness how I cling to thee?

I know that in the narrow tomb

The form I loved was buried deep,

And left, in silence and in gloom,

To slumber out its dreamless sleep.

I know the corner where it lies,

Is but a dreary place of rest:

The charnel moisture never dries

From the dark flagstones o'er its breast,

For there the sunbeams never shine,

Nor ever breathes the freshening air,

­- But not for this do I repine;

For my beloved is not there.

O, no! I do not think of thee

As festering there in slow decay: ­-

'Tis this sole thought oppresses me,

That thou art gone so far away.

For ever gone; for I, by night,

Have prayed, within my silent room,

That Heaven would grant a burst of light

Its cheerless darkness to illume;

And give thee to my longing eyes,

A moment, as thou shinest now,

Fresh from thy mansion in the skies,

With all its glories on thy brow.

Wild was the wish, intense the gaze

I fixed upon the murky air,

Expecting, half, a kindling blaze

Would strike my raptured vision there, --

A shape these human nerves would thrill,

A majesty that might appal,

Did not thy earthly likeness, still,

Gleam softly, gladly, through it all.

False hope! vain prayer! it might not be

That thou shouldst visit earth again.

I called on Heaven --­ I called on thee,

And watched, and waited --­ all in vain.

Had I one shining tress of thine,

How it would bless these longing eyes!

Or if thy pictured form were mine,

What gold should rob me of the prize?

A few cold words on yonder stone,

A corpse as cold as they can be -­

Vain words, and mouldering dust, alone -­

Can this be all that's left of thee?

O, no! thy spirit lingers still

Where'er thy sunny smile was seen:

There's less of darkness, less of chill

On earth, than if thou hadst not been.

Thou breathest in my bosom yet,

And dwellest in my beating heart;

And, while I cannot quite forget,

Thou, darling, canst not quite depart.

Though, freed from sin, and grief, and pain

Thou drinkest now the bliss of Heaven,

Thou didst not visit earth in vain;

And from us, yet, thou art not riven.

Life seems more sweet that thou didst live,

And men more true that thou wert one:

Nothing is lost that thou didst give,

Nothing destroyed that thou hast done.

Earth hath received thine earthly part;

Thine heavenly flame has heavenward flown;

But both still linger in my heart,

Still live, and not in mine alone.


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