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The Shepherd Analysis

Author: Poetry of William Blake Type: Poetry Views: 909

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Songs of Innocence1789How sweet is the Shepherd's sweet lot,

From the morn to the evening he strays:

He shall follow his sheep all the day

And his tongue shall be filled with praise.For he hears the lambs innocent call,

And he hears the ewes tender reply,

He is watchful while they are in peace,

For they know when their Shepherd is nigh.


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the language blake uses are typed up differently in each edition of the book songs of innoence and songs of experience. Don't forget, this was the eigteenth century the english language was slightly different then, as compared to now.

| Posted on 2010-03-31 | by a guest

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The lamb calls and the ewe replies. It's got more to do with the speech reporting.
To the russian, from a student russian.

| Posted on 2010-01-17 | by a guest

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it is a reflection of innocence and that they are new borns

| Posted on 2010-01-02 | by a guest

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I think the poet was engaging in what is known as "poetic license." (See here: x I say this, assuming that this webpage version of the poem accurately reflects Blake's original version. In fact, it may not.

| Posted on 2008-08-03 | by a guest

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I'm a russian
I have a question:
why "the ewes tender reply" and "the lambs innocent call".
I mean, "the ewes' tender reply" and "the lambs' innocent call" is more correct variant. Isn't it?

| Posted on 2008-07-11 | by a guest

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